Thursday, January 1, 2015

Yvonne's January 2015 Block for Hive #2

Hello, I am Yvonne! Caroline @lalinsocal, the hive mama for Hive #2, had a Valentine's Day wish to be draped in hearts. Caroline requested a low volume background for the hearts, and most of my LV prints are black and white with a musical flair. We had a choice of several heart colors: pink, red, or purple, and I dove right into my red stash because I thought the red would be really nicely offset by the black and white. I was super excited to use the music prints because I love quilting while I listen to my favorite music, and it was so much fun to think of that connection while I worked on this block and sang along to my favorite tunes.

Yvonne's January 2015 Block for Hive #2
The lightest low volume is actually Crosshatch Stitch in Ivory and shows up nicely in person, but never in the photographs I take! :)

This month, Caroline wants to know what kind of time traveler we would be. I would really like to go pretty far back in time. While it would be really neat to see dinosaurs, I don't think I would do well with their size... So, I have to say that I would really like to go back to ancient Egypt and see how they constructed the pyramids.

Quilting Jetgirl


Granny Maud's Girl said...

Goodness! You are speedy, Yvonne!
I am glad you decided to skip being eaten by dinosaurs and chose Egypt instead!

S Staum said...

I agree! I can't even find the tutorial! When I go to the Hive 2 page there is no link when you click on Hive Tutorials. I keep scrolling down on the Home page but my internet is quite slow out here in rural northern Minnesota and there are so many photos that it won't all load! Yikes!