Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween Hive 5!

Hi all!

I finished this block much earlier this month, but am just now getting to post.  It also went in the mail today, so be on the lookout Gayle!

Of course, because I did things out of whack, I forgot to take pictures.  I am so sorry!  Below is a baby quilt that I am making for my boss.  Something to tide you through!  I'm excited to see your quilt, Gayle!

Hive 7 Block for Cathleen

Hi Cathleen! So sorry for the lateness of the block! It's on the way, and includes some spooky bonus fabric for you. It might include a wee bit of dog hair, I lint rolled it many times, but you can't hide white fur on black fabric! :) Can't wait to see how you put this one together.


Hive 9 October block for Chrystal

How do you like your coffee? or Latte? or Cappuccino? I prefer mine in a fancy mug with whipped cream and a straw.

Chrystal asked us to make our favorite block for her. My favorite block is any block pattern that challenges me. So I decided to sew her a paper pieced block. This is only my fifth paper pieced block I've ever made. I hope she likes it.

The pattern is in the book The Paper-Pieced Home by Penny Layman.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Pink and Purple Peel

For this month, I was to make my own block but use pink and purple.  This worked out really well as I also needed to make a few more blocks of my own to finish out the top to the size that I wanted.  So since I was getting out the template, interfacing and white/ black print fabric, I could just whip up a few of my own blocks and make one in pink and purple.  Here is the block for October.

I need to put on a border to my own quilt top and then it will be ready to quilt.  I'll post a pic as soon as it's finished.  


Hive 1 October 2017 block for Kathy

Hi Kathy. I live in New England we get lots of tourists coming through to go on "leaf peeping" tours. I love seeing the leaves change to amazing colors.  I was surprised that when I went digging in my stash, I didn't have much in that an autumnal palette.  In an exciting plot twist, I found the colors in partner's scrap bin (which used to be mine). Let me explain,  my partner has started doing beautiful fiber art that uses thread, felt and scraps of fabric.  I gave her a ton of scraps from my sewing and quilting.  She occasionally has supplemented it with FQs and scrap bags from our local store.  Turns out she had fabrics that would work in your color scheme.  Shot out to my partner for manifesting the fabric I needed.

The block was fun to sew. I watched Jenny Doan's video first and the block came together like a breeze.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hive 1 October Block for Kathy

Kathy asked us for the Easy Prairie Flower block in fall colors, and it was fun to put this together while watching the leaves change outside.  With all the color combinations, this is sure to be a stunning quilt!

Kathy--your block will be in the mail tomorrow!

-Alicia (@qvilt)

October Hive 7

This was a fun one and definitely made me realize how many scraps I have for something like this! I'm including the 5 low volume 6.5" squares for you. Can't wait to see it all come together. Dropping it in the mail tomorrow morning.

- Jen

My block for Kathy

What a great idea to make a quilt with all the blocks you made for others this year!  Mine was a simple 16 patch.  I'm a bit late to the posting party, so you've had this for a while now.  But now others don't have wonder about how my block turned out :)  I'm hoping I got the colors right.



Hive 5 Flying Geese for Gayle

So many ways to make flying geese - this time I used the "no waste" method.  Surprisingly, it was quite successful.  Our queen requested large florals, not something I really have in my stash so I searched until I found two fabrics that I thought were acceptable.  Then as I was searching for something else, I happened upon a scrap that seemed more suitable and whipped up another 4.

They'll be flying tomorrow!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Hive Crash for Kim

I absolutely loved the bookshelf block that Kim asked for to make a bookshelf quilt for her western-reading uncle.  I'm a librarian, I asked for bookshelf blocks from this be last year, I love novelty fabrics, and my mom likes cowboys/western-themed things, so I had a bit of a western fabric stash.  This makes Kim's block my perfect storm.

I hope you & your uncle like it, Kim!

Emily, Hive 6

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hive 1 Prairie Flowers

I love fall colors, but living in Texas, don't get to see many until later in the year.  Sometimes our leaves decide to skip fall altogether, and go straight from green to brown and dead.  It was fun to pick out colors from the falls I remember living in places where the leaves do change!  Harder than I expected, however, to find a combination of orange and yellow that looked the way I wanted.  My stash of yellow is pretty low, and most ended up looking too green or just off with my oranges.  I think this works though.

And I really liked this teal with a red/orange/gold fabric for contrast.


Hive 7 October

 I had a wonderful time searching through my fabric to make these blocks. Can't wait to see it all together

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October Block for Kathy

Cutting it close to the wire, I know.
Kathy wanted us to make our blocks in her colors for her this month, so I had to decide my November block before making hers.
This is a version of what mine will be, stay tuned, do not make yet, because it will be a little different!

Hope you enjoy, Kathy!
Heather Browne (aka HotPinkThread)

Finished Stash Bee Star Quilt from 2015

Hi all --

I am FINALLY finished with this quilt! These were the blocks I requested and collected in 2015. I was the Hive Mama for Hive 1 at the time. Here are some pictures of the finished quilt, and you can see the full post on my blog.

Manly Book Block for Kim

My block will be in the mail soon! I had some fun fish fabric so I built my block around that.

I can't wait to see your finished quilt, Kim!

Western Library Block for Kim...

I had so much fun picking western fabrics from my secret collection of western fabrics. Kim, your Uncle will love this quilt!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hive 1 Prairie Flower for Kathy

Here’s my Prairie Flower block for Kathy. This was a simple block and it creates such an effective block. I enjoyed making this.


Monday, October 23, 2017

Hive 5 x - October

These went in mail on Saturday. Hope you like them.
Hive 5 - September and October

Hello Hive 5...sorry for the delay in September's block ...which I loved and can't wait to see all together!  October is posted as well...now to decide my block for November!


Flying geese for Gayle

Here is my version of Gayle's block. Hot pink and green :)

Happy to have some Amy Butler's florals - it was easy to find the pattern you've asked for  (hopefully you will like those :)

Mailing this today :)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

October Great Granny Block for Lisa

I had a lot of fun making this block for Lisa.
It was also good practice for matching my corners!  I know this patriotic quilt is going to look great.  Thanks for the clear instructions, Lisa.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hive 1 Prairie Flower for Kathy

Hi Kathy,

My mom happens to be making this block right now for my 6 year old niece, I just saw her making them last weekend! I really love the deep fall colors you chose. This was super fast to make and I bet the quilt will be lovely -  Hope you like it!

Happy Fall - Greta B 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Courthouse Steps for Kathy (Hive 2)

Kathy had a really fun idea this month to have each member redo our blocks in her colors. Here's my courthouse steps in pink and purple.

Can't wait to see them all together. I'll try to get it in the mail tomorrow.


October block for Queen Janice

Queen Janice decreed this was the block to be made and sent this month.  What a cute block!!
I'm sure the quilt she makes will be fantastic!!
The block is in the mail Janice, hope it meets all expectations.

Cowboys - Hive 4

This was a lovely (and easy) block to make!  The cowboy stuff is obvious, but I added the fire for all the campfires that cowboys seem to sit around the the blue for blue skies.  They're short books, but still good stories. :)

I forgot to bring the envelope with me to the store today, but will hopefully get it out soon.
Hello Kathy,  I'm such a MSQC fan, so I was just thrilled to make your block.  This Prairie Flower block was on my wish list and Fall colors are so perfect for October.  Hope you like how it turned out.  I will pop this in the mail to you today.  Diane G.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hive #8 Trip around the world for Karen

This was fun, to make a Trip around the world again :-)
It is in the mail Karen!

Blocks for Janice

These two blocks left North Carolina today, headed to Janice.  Very pretty block choice ~ can't wait to see the quilt!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hive 3 October Block

I was on the ball this month and already have Queen Bee Lisa's block made and sent!

The granny square block is a fun and super easy sew, and I love the color scheme.


Hive 6 blocks for Janice

Hee are my blocks for Janice. They will be in the mail today. Sorry for the dark picture, it's  a dreary, gray, rainy day here today.

Monday, October 16, 2017

These were fun blocks to make for October's Hive 5 Queen.  Hope they work for you Gayle.  I look forward to seeing what you create.  Going in the mail tomorrow, 10/17.

Hive 7 for debbie

Debbie had some fun quick blocks this month for a great irish chain shes going to be putting together soon.

Hive 7 - October blocks for Debbie

These were so easy and fun to make. I loved going through my scrap boxes to find some fun prints. Hope you like them, Debbie. I will get them to you this week.

Hive 1 2017 Finish

I was Hive 1's March queen this year and it was my very first bee ever!
I really was excited by this adventure as I had wanted to join a bee for months but couldn't find any (it wasn't the right period of the year! :D ).

Choosing a block wasn't easy. There are so many beautiful blocks around the internet.... Choosing the colors was easier as I always end up buying the same  colors i'm addicted to :-/ I went for the "treasurehunt block" .
I also asked for the same block in another bee I joined this year. I was planning for a rather big quilt, not nowing what i would do with it... I would have time later to figure this out. I loved the pattern and the colors I chose, that was the most important!

In early june my dad was diagnosed with a cancer reccurence. It meant chimio/ hospital/ sickness and weakness all over again :( I immediatly thought about sewing him a quilt to brighten up the difficult days ahead. So I began to think about a pattern and colors that would be cheerful yet masculine.
The plan was to move fast to be able to give him the quilt for his 60'th birthday on august 10th.

Then the idea came to me that my soon to be bee quilt would be the perfect quilt for a comfort quilt!
What greater energy could I find than all the friendly energy people from all around the world had put in choosing the right fabrics and then sewing beautiful blocks especially for me?

Luckily I had asked for the same block in my other bee for the month of june. I might have enough time to finish the quilt on time for the birthday!
Sadly a block got stuck in the mail and I only received it when I came home from seing my parents mid august. I started the quilt right away!

It was a whole new exercise to plan a layout with blocks made out from several stashes. All the blocks were beautiful individually but they did not always work together! :D The colors wouldn't match or sometimes the size.

I finally came out with a layout for the front and the back.

I had to change my initial backing plans as it was way too girly for my dad :D

And then it was quilting time! I wanted to practice freemotion but didn't want it to be too girly as well. 

I spent a few days on it enjoying every minute , every fabric I quilted (some I didn't notice before, since I received so many blocks :D ). And I thought about my dad all along the process. It was like a special moment between the quilt, my dad and me .

When it was all finished, on the first days of september, I decided to mail it right away to my dad because I was too impatient and I couldn't wait until my next visit to give it to him. It meant that I wouldn't see the look on his face when he would discover the quilt... but well I'm an impatient person, what can I do about that! :D

I sent him a note with it explaining the fact that ladies from around the world had contributed to his quilt, and that I hoped that all these good vibes added to my love would cheer him up on grayer days.
My mom told me he got all emotional :) and he liked the quilt so much that he decided to put it on their bed instead of his armchair so it would not get dirty :D

I went to visit them on september 22nd for the week end and he gave me a big hug. I think he really liked his present!

A few days later he got a small infection and due to his compromised immune system, things went very fast and he died the very next day on september 29th. 
He only used his quilt for a few weeks, but at least I hope it felt as if I was next to him. I'm so glad it's this particular quilt I decided to give him. My "friendship treasurehunt quilt".


Hive1 August block for Sue

This One was an easy one on the sewing but difficult one concerning the fabric choice!
Sue gave us a lot of choices and possibilities with her fabric/ color selection :) I was even more afraid than usual that my block wouldn't fit with the rest of the blocks.

Finally I went for a combo that pleased me hopping Sue would like too :D