Monday, January 5, 2015

A couple more Hunter's Stars

Hello Hive7!  I'm Deana from Dreamworthy Quilts!!  I am so excited to post my first ever StashBee blocks.  I chose to make two because they were just so much fun.  Besides, who doesn't want an extra block or two, right?  I love the looks of the two blocks together!

My favorite home cooked meal growing up was Mom's homemade macaroni and cheese.  It was more like macaroni and milk with melted cheese in it, but I still love it.  I also highly favored (and still do) Mom's home made hot chocolate.  I like to whip real cream and drop in it by the spoonful - delish!!!

Heather, I hope you enjoy the blocks and that they are what you were looking for.


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HeatherK @ A Reformed Heath'n said...

They are beautiful!! I love all the variety you guys are giving me. Thank you!