Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hive #7 January Block for Heather

Hi everyone!   I'm Rozsamaria and this is my first time in a bee.  I'm so excited to join you!

Heather of A Reformed Heath'n is our queen for the month and she asked for scrappy Hunter's Star blocks.  Heather wanted a four-patch blocks made of four Hunter's Star blocks.  She asked us to think about contrast when it came to pairing our fabrics.  I made two blocks  because I had fun picking out the fabrics!   I've made Hunter's Star blocks before, but this time I made extra effort to sew carefully and keep my points precise, since the blocks are for someone else.  I think I did okay!  The hardest part was pressing the seams open - is it weird to be bad at pressing my seams open?  I'm bad at that.

Here are my two blocks!  They went in the mail yesterday.  I hope Heather likes them!

Heather asked us what our favorite home-cooked meal is, and I guess my answer is that it depends who is doing the cooking!  When I'm cooking, I like to make stuffed shells in a red wine sauce with a nice goat cheese arugula salad for my boyfriend and myself, or a macaroni and cheese casserole.  I love Hungarian food but it's a lot of work to make, so that's something I prefer when someone else is doing the home cooking.  :)


Kristen said...

it's so funny you write about pressing seams - I find that part tricky as well :)

Granny Maud's Girl said...

Pressing seams open is not my normal method either. However, Heather was so right in suggesting we press the seams open - I think it made for a neater finish.

dq said...

Well I love them!