Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hive 6 January Block

Hello Hive 6!  I am super excited to start another year with Stash Bee.  This is my second year participating. I had so much fun last year that I signed up for another round!  I really liked Stash Bee last year because it kept me sewing every month.  I tend to get bogged down on big projects and then don't make much progress.  This kept me feeling like I was accomplishing something every month.  Although, I have not completed my quilt from last year yet!

Thank you Nela for a great block this month!  I was excited to try this and I learned that I could use some extra practice sewing the hour glass block!  I had a hard time deciding on fabrics which is why I ended up making you two blocks.

Nela asked where we like to vacation.  Until last year, I lived with my husband and kids in Arizona, while the rest of our families were all on the East Coast.  So most of our vacations have been spent going to visit family.  Last year we moved to Georgia which is much closer to our families, and my parents are living near us for half a year, so there is a possibility of other types of vacations in our future!  My husband and I have been to Hawaii twice and loved it.  We would like to go back, or visit Australia.

Happy New Year!!!

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