Monday, January 26, 2015

Hive 2 January Block from Kristen

HIve #2 - January block
Greetings from a very chilly Western NY!  I am Kristen, I am sorry for posting so late my blogging skills are a bit rusty...I just looked at my blog and realized I have not posted in 2 years!  

I have been sewing since middle school and had a business making childrens clothes back in the ebay heyday and at the beginning of etsy.... I took up quilting a couple of years ago as a means of working through my rather large fabric stash.  I ended up making 2 blocks for Caroline as I noticed a lot of pink squares popping up on the blog so I thought Id practice my HST and send along a purple one as well. :)

Caroline asked when in time we would like to travel back to.... hard choice!  I love the renaissance era but am also fascinated by ancient cultures - such as Greece, Rome and India.  Then sometimes I think it would be cool to travel a couple of hundred years back to see what my city,  Rochester NY looked like.

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