Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hive #6 - Finished block for Hive Mama Nela

Hi, Stash Bee Hive #6!  This is Summer in Texas.  I am so excited to finish the first block of the 2015 Stash Bee!  It's my first time doing Stash Bee, and I already know I'm going to love it!

Our Hive Mama, Nela, asked for a Swamp Angel block in either orange/blue or yellow/purple colorways.  Being a HUGE fan of the color blue, and recently really getting into orange and tangerine colors, I thought I'd go that direction, but I didn't really have two blue prints that didn't read as the same color.  Huh.  Might have to fix that.  I did find some awesome purple fabric that worked:
Fabric pull
Low volume is from Gramercy Park collection by Leah Duncan

And with my trusty laptop on the sewing table, it was easy to follow the directions and complete some block units:
First time doing hourglass or quarter-square units;
They came out perfectly when I used the oversize method here.

It was such fun to make this block, and Nela provided a detailed post that was easy to follow - so thank you!  I hope when it's my turn, I can return the favor!

Finished block

For our bee's getting to know you questions, Nela asked: How do you spend your vacations?

I spend my vacations visiting family since I am the only one out in Texas.  This past year, I attended a family reunion at Yellowstone National Park, and this year, we'll all be meeting up in Hiawassee, GA, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

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