Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hive 6 January 2015 Block

Hello Hive 6 Ladies!

My name is Nela, your Hive 6 Mama.  I have a lovely husband of 12.5 years and a 6 year old daughter.  We live in Eugene, Oregon and love every minute of it.  I spend my days helping in my daughter's classroom, managing the house, sewing and quilting.  I have 5 animals: a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a fish, and a snail.

Let's get to the tutorial.  If you have any questions, please email me,

January Block Tutorial

I have decided to have us make a Swamp Angel block.  I love complementary colors, so you can either choose purple and yellow or blue and orange for your block.  

Swamp Angel Blocks

All seams will be a scant quarter inch. All seams will be pressed to a side, specific directions will be noted below.

You will need to decide if you are going to make a purple/yellow block or a blue/orange block. 

Fabric type
Cut the following  squares
Fabric A: Blue print
2- 6” squares
1- 5.5” square (fussy cut, optional)
Fabric B: low volume (does not need to match, like mine does)
2- 6” squares
1- 6.5” square
Fabric C: Blue (monochromatic print)
2- 6.5” squares
Fabric D: Orange print
1- 6.5” square

Cut squares
Cut the 6" squares in half on the diagonal and the 6.5" squares in quarters on the diagonal.
6inch fabric squares cut in half on diagonal
6.5 inch fabric squares cut in quarters on diagonal 

Next you will make four half square triangle blocks out of Fabrics A & B.  Then you will make four quarter square triangles our of Fabrics B, C & D.  They should look like the photos above.  Press your seams towards the darker fabric.  Once you have made the HSTs and QSTs, trim down to 5.5".

Note:  If you have a preferred method of making HSTs and QSTs, please use it, just make sure to have the squares finish at 5.5".

Next you will assemble the squares as follows:

Sew each row together.  Press the top and bottom rows away from the center block.  Press the center row towards the center block.  
Direction to press fabric

Next sew the rows together and press the seams away from the center row.  On the photo above, I included arrows showing how to press the rows.
Assembling the rows

You have completed the block.  The block should measure 15.5" square.  You do not need to square up the assembled block.  I will take care of this.  

If you could also send me a 4" square of your low volume fabric with your name, city and date written on it.  I want to put these on the back of the quilt. Thanks!

Happy piecing!

When it is your month, please ask a question you want to know about each of the hive mates.  My question to you:  How do you spend your vacations?

For me, I love going to new cities and checking out their quilt/fabric stores.  I get new ideas at every single one and some fabric.


lalaluu said...

Looking forward to picking fabrics and starting on my first Stash Bee Block! I usually spend my vacations with family, since I live in Texas and all of my family lives elsewhere. This past year, I went to a family reunion at Yellowstone National Park. This year, I will be in Hiawassee, GA, in the Blue Ridge Mountains for the reunion.

Michelle said...

starting with this lovely block tomorrow. will post progress pics on instagram and let you know when I send. Lovely choice!

Michelle said...

my favourite vacation ...just getting involved here ... for my 40th birthday my lovely husband bought me a beach house , and that is my vacation destination of choice!