Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January Block

I'm so happy to be participating in my first Stash Bee!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone's creativity.

To answer Alison's question:
My biggest quilting disaster is a quilt that started spontaneously.  I was with a girlfriend at a cabin, quilting for the weekend.  I finished my planned projects and started sewing scraps together because I just wanted to keep sewing.  It wasn't cute to begin with but I had the (wrong) idea that if I just kept adding to it, it would transform into something good. I bought MORE fabric. Now, I have a 98" square quilt that is really boring.  I set it aside to ruminate on how to improve it. I bought giant rick rack to sew around the edge to give it some interest.  I made the back because I thought I'd just get it off my to-do list.  I never have had it quilted because spending the money on something I really don't like is not fun. Alas, it sits in my basement still.  Here's a photo:


Melodee said...

I don't think your boo boo is really that. My unsolicited advice is to find an interesting quilting design / embroidery like pattern and using pearl cotton quilt it. I bet this colorful top would make an awesome background for some fun stitching 😊

Brenda said...

If you really don't think that you will every love this quilt, cut it into four pieces, maybe add a little solid or restful print border, and make four lap quilts to donate to those in need.

sewyouquilt2 said...

add some applique on the top. maybe a silouette of trees in black. or organically hand quilt it in a black pearl cotton to bring out the lines. that would be pretty too! it is not that big of a boo boo. sometimes the quilting can make a swan out of what we consider an ugly duckling.