Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hive 1: January 2017 Block for Diana

Hello all.  This is Julia and the block Diana saved.  When I was making the cuts to slice up the four patch block, I wobbled on one part and sliced it wonky.  Then Diana pointed out I could rip off the wonky strip and sew on a new one. BRILLIANT.

I love purple so I had lots of fabric to chose from.  I ended up using two solids and two prints.  I like how they look combined in this block.

Hive 8 January block for Abigail

Hi all. Here is my January block for Abigail.  I know she already has it, I just never got to posting it until now.  This was a fun block and I love all the colors in it.  All different 2.5" squares from my mini charm stash. 

Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Late January-Block for Abigail

Finally I've made it. The happy scrappy January-Block for Abigail. It was so fun to sew and in between lot of work a very welcome time just for me.

And now I'm sending you all with the view out of my sewing room very warm greetings from cold and snowy Switzerland :)
x, Ursi

Hive 3 for Tracy

Hello Hive 3, I am Rose and this is my third year in stash bee.  I have had wonderful hive mates each year and ready for another great year. This was a great block. I love the color combination. Hope you enjoy. I mailed this last week, hope you have it already.
This is the quilt top I put together with my stash bee blocks from last year. I just finished it this morning. I love this quilt and it is for my brother. Thanks hive 4 for this wonderful blocks. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

One more for Hive 4!

Wow the pressure for a bee is so much more than I anticipated i had plenty of time and suddenly the month was over!  This is my first time and I really don't want to disappoint my Queen!  I am sad because when looking at my photo after I mailed the block today at work I realized I used the same fabric twice!  Well crud!  Stephanie if you want me to make you a new one I will...


Crash for Hive 7

Well this is my last crash of the month. I was really hoping to get to make this.  I really like the look of this block. Turned out to be really fun also.  I picked red because I just finished making red Irish chain blocks and had left over strips.  Really looking forward to a picture of the finish. I am hoping to be able to make a quilt out of this block. Enjoy Laura.

Hive 2

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hive Three: January Blocks for Tracy

Hello, Judy here.  Tracy requested bear paws in navy, peachy pink, cornflower blue and gold for her January block and asked us not to sew the quarters together.  Being a first time bee participator, I got a bit hung up on color selection for my blocks. I'm a green-blue-violet person and I prefer really saturated colors, so I don't have a lot of peachy-pink in my stash.

How about this? 

Is this too peachy?  Cornflower blue?

Too pinky? 

 How about a bit of gold?

I couldn't decide which best fit Tracy's color choices, so I just shipped the whole lot of them to her and hope she can use some of them.

Judy Rognstad
from the House Above Heck Creek

Friday, January 27, 2017

January Hive 4 Block

Praise the Lord.  I think I have finally conquered posting from my iPad, integrating Google photo albums.  Geez.  Now I will love this bee more than ever!  I had such fun making these blocks for January 2017 Hive 4 Queen Stephanie.  And Stephanie, thank you so much for volunteering to be our Hive Mama.  Certainly, it is a lot of effort for you and I do appreciate you organizing us!  I am leaving again this weekend to care for my MIL, who is recovering from radiation treatment for oral cancer, for the next week.  I will be very happy to come home to work on our February block.  I will look for a sneak peak!  Already, I am plotting my plan for my reign in March, so look for some tidbits of my thoughts on IG or our Facebook (Hive 4) page.  I cannot wait to see how Stephanie's quilt turns out.  The large low volume plus formations will be a terrifically fertile background for quilting opportunities.  My kind of quilt, my kind of color!  Love it!  Well chosen!

Hive 1 January

Hello,  This is Diane with the January block for Diana.  Looked at the mailing instructions last week. I don't have the press 'n seal, but I did buy a basic mailing envelope today.  I will get this off to you this weekend.  I loved how easy the pattern was and purple is a favorite color in my family.  Enjoy !!

Hive 1 January Block for Diana

Hi everyone!  I'm Alicia, and this is my first time participating in Stash Bee.  Diana has our hive off to a great start with this block. I can't wait to see all of them together!

Diana, I put it in the mail today.

-Alicia (@qvilt)

Karen's Hive 8 January block for Abigil

I got right on this block at the beginning of January, though I have to admit I cheated. My friend Cathleen is in Hive 7 and she was gracious enough to help me this month because my scrap collection is not up to par. She made the block in the first week with some of her scraps and some of mine, and I'm finally getting around to posting and mailing it. I hope you like it Abigail!

January - hive 5

For Katie - 
our fearless hive mama😉. 

Have never made this block but may be trying it again soon - can't wait to see what these blocks look like together!  So bright and sunny!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Crashing Hive 3

My first attempt at a bear paw, and I think I LOVE it! I don't know why I have shied away from this one for so long.

As usual, Tracy, you inspire my "one of these days scrap quilts" list.  I left these paws at the shop for ya'. 😉

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hive 9, January block

Hi! I'm Betsy and this is my first bee experience.

I hope you like it!

Like others said, finding the fabric was harder than sewing the block. I'll be putting it in the mail before the weekend. 😁

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hive 3 January Block

Hive 3 Block for January

In Australia the kids have just returned to school after ther summer holidays. And after cleaning the house the first thing I did today was dive in and make this block.
Loved the fabric choices, and I am a BIG cotton and steel fan so happy to use some of my stash for the perfect colour match

Block is on its way from sunny Australia

Thanks for a fun first block

Hive 4, January 2017 Block Completed

This is my first Stash Bee Block! So exciting! I'm very excited to be a part of this group. I love quilting bees! There's just something really special about having a quilt made with many hands.

I really enjoyed making this block! So much fun! It was great to get in there and play with my scraps. I meant to use all different fabrics but I accidentally repeated one two different times. Oooopppsss! I just loved those so much I was drawn to them a second time while pulling scraps out! I selected some of my favorites to go in this block! Hope it works for you Stephanie and I really cannot wait to see the final quilt/quilt top! I think it's going to be amazing. I also love the large size! If I didn't have a plan for my month already I'd totally steal this block idea! Maybe next year...

Also, the light in the bottom left corner kinda makes the low volume look like a solid but they are both Zen Chic Modern Background prints. I love low volume so much! Does anyone else wonder if that will one day mark our generation of quilters? I can just hear my great granddaughter telling her friends, "I have no idea why my grammy used all these text prints for a background!" Lol. Cracks me up!

Looking forward to next month's block!


January Hive 8 for Abigail

This was a fun way to start off the year! I love digging through scraps and ending up with a fun block. I used 48 different fabrics, and have at least 48 more in my scrap bin.
I love the way these quilts look with the variety of patterns, so colorful and fun.

Thanks Abigail of the fun block, I hope you enjoy it.

Hive 9, January 2017 Completed Block

I've completed my January block.  The hardest part of the block was selecting the fabrics.  It was fun to make and I received some great comments from some quilting friends who saw it.

Hive 7 January Blocks for Laura

Hi Hive 7 Peeps!

I loved Laura's choice of block so much this month I made three and posted them off super early!!
Can't wait to see these all together :)

Happy Sewing Rebecca @oneweebird

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hive 6 blocks for Emily

Trying this again.  I've been trying to post on this blog for 2 days now.
Hopefully I've got it all figured out.

Hive 6 Block for Emily

Happy Sunday!

I'm Laura and this is my very first year in Stash Bee  and  I live in Manitoba, Canada..just outside the city of Winnipeg.
I'm looking forward to getting to know some new quilting friends as the year progresses.

Here are my January tree blocks for Emily....I hope it fits into your design!

If you were to visit me here in Manitoba i would probably take you see the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg..one of the two locations in canada where our currency is minted. Of course i would also take you to Oma's Quilt Shop ..located on a rural property where you would never expect to find a quilt shop, but run by one of the most supportive and enthusuastic quilters in our area. It's a great shop and Oma is a gem.

Till next month,

Hive 6 block for Emily

These are my blocks for Emily for January.  I had more trouble figuring how to post than anything.  It's all good now.

If you come to Waverly Emily, I'd have to plan a trip to historic downtown Chillicothe.  Lot's of interesting things to see.

Hive 8 Block for Abigail

I am sorry for the terrible pic! :-(

But this is my block for Abigail. All the coloured fabrics are from my scrap bin :-)

Stash Bee Blocks for Hive 2

These "daddy" hearts (as my two year old calls them because they are big) should be on their way to you.  It will be a lovely quilt when it is done!

Hive 9 crashing

A little house block for Tanyia!
This block goes together super fast.

Tanyia and I were bee-mates in 2016!  
I'm happy to share another block with you my friend!

Hive 5 Crashing

When I saw Katie's Checker block I knew I had to crash it!
I remember seeing this block in Stash Bee 2016 and loved it then.

It's such an easy block to do!
I am seriously considering this block for my charity quilt group.

PS.  I love your color choices, Katie!  Looking forward to seeing this one finished!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hive 7, January 2017

I just finished Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt. All these strips are left over from the quilt. I love the blocks. They should look great all together

2017, January, Hive #5 Katie's Block

Hello Ladies!
This is my first time in Stash Bee. I found out about this community thanks to my quilty friend Katrin (who is now in Hive 4).
Here is my January block for our Hive Mama Katie. Instructions are very clear and easy to follow.
I made some blocks from The Bee Hive before, but not this one. Hope you will like it Katie!

I choose AGF's fabrics (light and dark gray), gray Blueberry Park from RK, and yellow dots from RB. That is all I remember ;)
I will mail it on Monday!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Hive 5 - January Blocks

So excited for my 4th year in Stash Bee!  Here are my blocks for January.

Katie asked for gray and yellow Checker blocks.  It was too easy to make a second block since the method makes 2 HSTs in each size so there's a bonus block as well.

I hope you like them, Katie!

Hive 1 Block for Diana

Hi everybody!
It's my first year in the stash bee and one of my first bee ever . I signed up for 4 bees this year! :D And it's so much fun! A bit stressful too, because what I feared most (not having the right fabric) started right away with the first month and in several bees! 😁
And also a bit stressful because as a newbie quilter I haven't made that much different blocks. (well actualy it's a lie as I did the 100 days 100 blocks on IG 😄 but you see what I mean.)
Anyway. Here is my block for Diana. I thought I was lucky because it was an easy one to start with, but it actually was challenging. But I'm really happy because I learned a lot. First disappearing 4 patch, first block with pressing the seams open....

But what I like most in beeing part of a bee is to get to know people from around the world! That's really fun!
And thank you Diana for all the organisation and for beeing our special hive mama. 😊
Oph  (@quiltoph)

Hive #7 January block for Laura

Hive 6 January Blocks for Emily

I had fun making the tree blocks today. I started by making a wonky block and finished up realizing it takes more background fabric than I thought! So it's not big enough, and not included in the photo, but is in the package which I mailed yesterday. Then I used the Tri-recs ruler set-it was on the table because I'm in the midst of the Bonnie Hunter mystery project.  The first tree, in purple, seemed a little plain, so I strip pieced some fabrics and made a slab. I used the whole slab, even though it is wider than the max on the tri-recs, by continuing the angle of the cut with another ruler. Sorry if that is confusing!

If I were to show you around my part of the world, in the Blue Ridge mountains, I would take you on a hike up Mount Jefferson. It's not too long or strenuous, and there are wonderful long range views across the western escarpment of the Appalachian Mountains.  Or, we could do our tree watching from a canoe or kayak on the New River. Lots of trees here!

A 2016 Stash Bee finish!

My Stash Bee quilt from last year is finished!  Yay!  It is quilted, bound AND labeled!  Woo hoo!  And I could not love it more!

This quilt is HUGE and so I can't get the whole thing in a picture without my quilt holders.  But trust me it is awesome!  so fun to look at all the fun fabrics.  Thank you to all my beemates who contributed to this beauty.  And check out the quilting.  I wanted something that looked like thread was unspooling all over.  Nailed it!  Thank you to Cyndi at The Dancing Bobbin for the super fun quilting!

And my quilty goal this year is to label every new quilt that I make AND go back and label all of my old quilts too.

Love it!  Now I can't wait to start playing with this year's blocks!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

January Hive 5 blocks for Katie

This is my second year participating in Stash Bee. It has been fun and I look forward to making all the new blocks for everyone.  -Gayle

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Crash for Hive 4

Hello Stephanie,

I saw your tutorial and wanted to make this block. Had plenty of 2 1/2" squares to choose from and love low volume fabrics. So I finally was able to make it last night. Hope it helps and you enjoy it. I am really looking forward to seeing this quilt finished!

Hive 2

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Crashing Hive 4

As someone who tends to save every usable scrap I love this block.  Enjoy Stephanie.

Hive 9 Block for Tanyia

Mailed late last week and should arrive soon.

Hive 6 for Emily

Hive 6 tree for Emily.  I have not done any improve quilting designs so this tree is a start. If you came to my part of Canada I would first take you to the three quilt stores in my immediate area.  Then we would go on a hike on Mount Dufferin, that has trails winding through the ponderosa pines, sagebrush and bunch grass.  At the top we can see most of the city and the surrounding mountains.  Even in winter it is doable. Put on your hikers !!
This tree in the mail to you today. 

Paint Chips for Laura

I'm excited to be joining up with Stash Bee again this year -- Laura is our Hive mama and January queen so when she asked for Paint Chip blocks it was a great pull from the scraps. 

I made her a completed Yellow block

I also sent along the colored part to make another 2 blocks but I'm lacking in neutrals right now so I am sure she won't mind chopping these up and adding them into her collection. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

January Hive 4 Block for Stephanie

This is my first year in Stash Bee and I am so happy to be part of such a friendly hive. To kick it off right our Hive Mama made a great choice. 

Here is my version of Stephanie's selected scrappy block! I love the block she has selected. Thankfully, I have a healthy scrap bin to select from!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hive 9 block for Tanyia

This is my first year as a participant in the Stash Bee.  I love the color palette that Tanyia selected.  How cute that she selected house blocks since she just moved?  My block is really scrappy and all but two fabrics came from my scrap bin!  The block will be in the mail Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.  I am a terrible photographer and my block was pinned to my wall askew.  Sorry for the poor quality. Shelly Recicar

Crashing Hive 1, Hive 3 and Hive 8

Hello Diana, Tracy and Abigail,

Since I didn't have to make a block this month I thought I would crash a few hives.

First was Hive 1, who could resist such an easy and quick block. Not to mention I love purple! Hope this helps.

Next was Hive 3.  Loved making the bear paw and it went faster than I thought.  I thought it would be more fun making 4 different ones and give Tracy a bigger variety. Also, it was fun using that great Octopus from Heather Bailey's new line and love the way he looks. 

Finally, I had to make one for Hive 8, I had picked that block the first time I was in Stash Bee and it turned out to be one of my favorite quilts I have.  I keep it across my chair in the family room. In addition, I made a block for Abigail last year and saw it in her picture in her tutorial, so another one is on its way to her.

Well I am looking forward to next month and all the new blocks.  I would love to be able to crash a few more hives but I will have to see how the month goes.