Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bee #2 January Blocks

Here are this month's blocks:

I quickly realized that my stash is woefully inadequate when it comes to browns... but I did have this great brown batik.

I'll get these in the post tomorrow. Enjoy!

Hive #3, February block

Hello Hive #3!  I'm so excited that it's finally February.  I have to say, I've been enjoying this Bee immensely and sewing up all the fun blocks that you guys have chosen.  I hope you like the block I've picked for this month.  So, on to the getting-to-know-you bit.

Hiking at White Sand in New Mexico
My name is Kat and I live in North-East Texas with my cat-allergic cat, Wilson.  I am currently in nursing school; I should graduate in May and become an RN.  I'm hoping to get a job in a trauma ICU, then later move on to Mercy Ships.  In between school and quilting I enjoy traveling, sailing, and working backstage on community theatre shows.

Crewing on the Hawaiian Chieftain
My day job currently is working at a t-shirt shop where I run a large embroidery machine.  It's a thread-happy job but not the same as quilting, for sure. I also work periodically as a dresser on touring Broadway shows when they come through our area, most recently West Side Story.

Wilson: Chief Quilt Inspector
The hardest quilt I have ever made would either be the Carpenter's Star I made last Christmas with it's insane number of Y-seams, or the Ocean Waves quilt this Christmas, which was a pure endurance challenge.  Both of these were more traditional designs which are not my norm.  The majority of my quilts are distinctly modern and I prefer to create my own designs rather than following a pattern.  Still, if I had it to do over I'd make these both the same way again.

The Carpenter's Star with its happy recipient
My mom originally turned me loose with a sewing machine and some general direction when I was around 8.  I think the first thing I made was a pillow.  I sewed occasionally until I was 21 when I began teaching myself to quilt on a whim.  I've learned to quilt through a combination of trial and error, consulting the internet, and observing the experts.

Action kitty Wilson pounces the krinkly ball
My favorite dessert food is dark chocolate... any kind, really.  As far as baked goods go, probably sweet potato pie.  I'm a good southerner like that.  The last time I laughed really hard was at my cat, Wilson, doing acrobatics chasing after a krinkly ball.
Finding joy in a very special little boy discovering cotton candy

My life philosophy is tricky to answer, but I think it would be: be joyful!  Find your joy in every situation, because it is there.

The Block 

The block I've chosen for this month is the modern bargello block introduced by Amy in the Something New Sampler.  Her tutorial is here.  I've had a long time to think about, and change my mind about my block, but when I saw this I knew it was the one.  

Amy's Block
The only (potential) change from her tutorial is size.  The tutorial makes a 14.5" x 7.5" block. I am asking for a block 13.5" wide by at least 7.5" tall. I noticed that I had a hard time getting mine to 14.5" inches wide so I'm giving you an inch more wiggle room in your trimming. 

You can make your block in any height you choose as long as it's at least 7.5".  To increase the height just cut your original strips longer where she cuts hers to 12".  I cut one set of mine to 20.5" and the final block was 14.5" long, the other set I cut to 24.5" and it ended up 17".  

You can also mix up the number/widths of your strips at the beginning as long as their width after they're sewn together but before you sew them into a tube measures at least/about 15".  

Amy specifies to press all the seams open but it isn't important to me whether you do or not.

My blocks
I am asking for blocks in blue, grey, and purple with pops of red and yellow. Please use a mix of solids and prints.  For the background use a solid of either blue, grey, or purple. 

I kept my bargello waves pretty tight, but feel free to make their sweeps more dramatic.  I can't wait to see all your different blocks! I am the opposite of a perfectionist so please don't sweat it if your block ends up a little small or something.  Make another if you feel like you should, but send along the wonky one, too. I'll make it work :) 

I am asking for one large or two small blocks (I'll leave it up to you to determine what sizes qualify) but of course if you want to make more I'll be thrilled.

If you'd like to send a signature block please sign a 5.5" x 3.5" solid color block.  

Thanks everyone! I hope that is all the info you need but please email me with any questions and I will do my best to answer. 

Hive #4 January blocks

I'll post these off as soon as I get a chance!

Hive 3 and 4 blocks sent out

Here are the blocks I made for hive3 and the blocks from Amber and I for hive 4

Hive 1 - Pippi Longstocking - February Block

Hello..... I am so excited that this is my month - I have been in the stash bee since the beginning 13 months ago, and have loved making all your blocks for you over this time, so now I can't wait to receive some blocks in return to make my own quilt.

I have loved this block since I first saw it, and so this month we are going to make Pippi Longstocking blocks.  Pop over here for lots of lovely examples....

For those of you who didn't grow up reading Pippi Longstocking like I did..... she is a quirky story character, with long red pig tails..... and she has great adventures....


Here is my first Pippi block - she looks as though she is shimmying!!!

And then I did a Christmas Pippi!


For the tutorial for the block, head over to Judith's great blog, and her tutorial here.


1) Please follow Judith's tutorial and dimensions etc

2) Please choose from your stash and use your favourite colours for the border squares  (keep to one or two colours if at all possible), I would like each Pippi to have red/orange hair please.

3) Please use a white background - any white is fine.

4) have fun with this block.

Hive #2 February Block..

Hello Ladies of Hive 2, my name is Lynn and I live in Southern, Maine.  
I'm married, with 3 children, all girls, Ages 33 and 13 year old twins. 
I also have one granddaughter.
We have two dogs, two cats and a bunch of chickens - all girls! My poor husband!

Zeva                                                                                                                      Mojo


Hardest quilt thing I've made, umm that's tough - I'm always up for the challenge - I like trying new things - I think the hardest thing is making quilts for others, especially if it is a commissioned quilt.

Last time I laughed really hard;
I'm with my twin daughters and we're going home after the orthodontist and we pass a 
Chinese Restaurant, called the "Wok in Roll". 
And I said "Look it's the Wok and Roooll." 
and from the back of the van they say "What!"  
I said "The Wok and Rooooll" 
and a few minutes later from the back of the van I hear 
"Mom, I never did see that walking mole."  
We were laughing so hard I had tears running down my face.  

My day job I'm a Bookkeeper in the Accounting Department at a Doctor's Office.
I blog over at K&S Design Girls.

I learned to sew when I was around 8 years old, my grandmother taught me. The first things that I sewed were of course Barbie/doll clothes. I use to make most of my own clothes and the clothes for my girls when they were younger.  
I made my first quilt about 30 years ago and I still sits at the bottom of my bed on the hope chest.

My life philosophy - 
Be Kind -
Treat others how you would want to be treated - eat dessert first.
Great everyone with a smile!

On to the block!

I'm hoping you'll each make one wonky star block and one wonky log cabin.  
I will be donate this quilt to a charity for tweens/teenagers.

Bright, fun colors, unisex colors, I would like 12.5 inch (12 inch finished) blocks. For the wonky stars I would like the background to be a solid color or a tone on tone color. I would prefer not to use white, gray or black as the background but if that's what you have it will be fine. 

Wonky Star Block instructions here.
Wonky Log cabin if you need instructions please email me.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hive #4 January Blocks

I really enjoyed making these! You're going to end up with one awesome quilt!

I'll get mine out to you in the mail tomorrow.

Progress update - hive 4

Thank you to all my hive-mates for your understanding and well wishes after my hurried email with the January block instructions, instead of a proper post.  Of course I knew all along that I was due to have our second baby early January so I should have been properly prepared but I wasn't...
so I figured I will a post now that things have settled a bit around here.

My name is Cecillia.  I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband and 2 sons.  My eldest is two and a half and my little one arrived on January 9, at a whopping 8lb 13oz.

The first few weeks were definitely an adjustment but our little family is doing well and so thrilled with our (not so) little addition  :)

I have been sewing and knitting since I was very little, since my mom is very crafty.  However I've only started quilting a couple of years ago, once I had my first son.  That first baby quilt got me hooked!

I am thoroughly enjoying being part of this bee and making all these fun blocks every month!  :)

Here are all the lovely blocks I've received so far from Carol, Allison, Pauline and Sandra:

Thank you so much ladies!!  :)

Oh, and here's my December for Debbie, that I was able to churn out a few days before my due date:

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hive 4

These will go out in AM. They were fun to make!

Hive 4

Hive#2 January Block

I finally finish Hive 2 blocks, I started in the beginning of the month and just got back to it..

I hope you enjoy

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wonky Log Cabin

Here are your wonky Log Cabins Julie!  I didn't think I had enough purple, but you lucked out when I found some purple ombre in my stash.  This was the perfect project to use all of it!

Enjoy!  I can't wait to see the finish. 

Hive 1 January Dresden block

Although I have only made a dresden block once before,surprisingly,this block went together quite nicely for me!

The top stripes look like blue and white,but that is just because the blue is very light.  The stripe that looks almost black is a dark blue batik print,and the center is a dark blue with a blue grey swirly print.  Hope this works for you,it sure was fun to sew up :0)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hive 1--January Blocks

Got these done and in the mail today.  They ended up a little small despite measuring each seam and steaming.  I'm still trying to work out where I went wrong ...  Hope fully two will help make up for that.  It was easy enough since each WOF fabric strip made 20 wedges.  Can't wait to see what you do with all of these :)


... at last I have been able to complete these blocks x I could not get Kona Coal in the UK... tracked it eventually x

These will go in the post to-day. 2 from me , 2 extra angel blocks xx

Hope they are OK

Diane x

Dare to Dresden?

I used these blocks for my stop today on the Dare to Dresden Blog Hop.  It worked out perfectly that I needed to make them for Kathleen and I’d never done one before, so I got a little practice!  It was fun to make them and I’m glad I have that ruler now.
I’m also having a giveaway of this charm pack of chevrons as part of the blog hop.
Hope you like the fabric I picked, Kathleen.  I love the darker blue with paisley—it is one of the very first fabrics I ever bought, a Minnick and Simpson Wiscasset Bay print.  I can’t wait to see the quilt she makes with her blocks!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hive #4 - November Block

October block...done.  It's halfway through January and I can also now check November's block off my to do list at long last!

Sorry for the crappy lighting, but my kitchen light is stained glass through creamy yellow glass.  The block on the left is, unfortunately, probably only suitable for a pillow or mini-quilt or trivet or whatever.  My machine was giving me fits and the sizing of the blocks got all thrown off by the time it was time to trim down to 10".

The block on the right is much closer to what I was supposed to be producing, I believe.  I did not trim down the final block for fear that I would screw it up, especially if I was really close to what the final size should be.  Once again, if it isn't usable for the quilt, I hope that you can find a good use for it in another project, or maybe in the backing.

I have to say, I enjoyed this block's construction process from picking the fabrics (nice color combo) to sewing the strips together.  Truly, the most challenging aspect was sewing a freaking straight 1/4" line piecing the strips together and then when creating the HSTs and it's something I continually find myself having to work on, regardless of pattern.

These will be in the mail this weekend with a small gift of apology for my tardiness.

To December's block! Onward!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hive 2:: January block

Sorry the pic is soo small, my camera is being used for a another project. Your spools are on their way to you, they were fun!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Hive #4 January Blocks

Looking forward to seeing a finished quilt with these lovely blocks!

Hive 1 January Block for Kathleen

I am really glad Kathleen chose this block, I have made dresdens before but never one like this or with so many blades. It was nice to have a challenge!

I used the scanned file that Kathleen sent me to make up a plastic template to cut my blades, I think my accuracy may be slightly off because of this but hopefully the block will be good enough to put in the quilt. Thanks for helping me out with the e-mail Kathleen!

This will be  in the post to you this week.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hive #3, January Block

January Block - I'm so sorry this picture is awful! The colors are lavender and purple, not pink and black like they look! These were hard for me - I'm not a purple girl! Hope you enjoy :)

Hive 4: January Blocks

Here are my two blocks for January

I really like them and can't wait to see the finished quilt - and thank you for picking Kona Coal - it's my new favourite - I can't get enough of it!


January block Hive 1

Here are your blocks Kathleen!
I chose a pretty blue tone on tone print and I used it down to the last scrap! (in fact I thought I was not going to have enough for the last strip-but I just made it!)

I found them slightly challenging but rewarding so I decided to make 2 for you!  
 I did not trim them.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dec. Block for Jackie

SOOOO very sorry I am late in posting these (I have had them done for a week now).
I hope you like them!

Hive 2 blocks for Rebeckah

January - Hive 1

A few for you here...

My original one, two angels and one for good luck!!!

Hive 2 January Block

Here you go, Beckah

January Stash Bee Blocks

I'll give these to you at church on Sunday!


Hive 1, January Block for Kat

Hi Kat,

What a beautiful block! I really enjoyed making it and I am now inspired, yet again, to use this block in a quilt of my own. It actually ended up being easier to make than I had anticipated. I hope you like this. It will go in the mail this weekend.



Hive 4 January

Hi, these blocks were fab to put together. I hope everything is well with you and the baby.

Best wishes

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hive 2 January Blocks

Here are my January blocks. Hope the colors are ok. I was trying to find a nice spot fr a picture and found this little piece of sunshine.