Monday, August 31, 2015

August Block for Chiska- Hive 4

Renae here. I really enjoyed making this block for Chiska.

Chiska asked about our favorite baby quilt pattern. My go to quilt block pattern is a wonky star quilt. I hope that these blocks work well in the quilt!

Stash Bee Hive 7 - August

Carla asked what we would get if we wanted a tattoo.  I actually already have one.  It's a frog with a cross in it.  I would like to get a few others.  but I am a high school teacher so they will have to be kind of hidden.

September Pinetrees for Megan

Hey guys. Wanna help me finish a quilt for my childhood summer camp? I think the turtles' pond could use a nice tree line border.  This block is my own design. No need to worry about super-precise piecing on this one. I need a LOT of these to finish the quilt so if you want to send more than one I'd love it.

I have a lot of great memories from the summer camp this quilt is for (Crystal Lake Camps in PA). It's my happy place. What's your happy place?

August Blocks for Christina!

I made it just under the wire. I was able to run to the post office and send these blocks your way today, Christina.

I really hope you like them as I realize that I don't have a lot of low volume fabrics. I have tons of tone on tone and dark colors but tried not to include those to stay within your color palette shown.

As for cooking, I don't do much since I was blessed with a partner that will make tasty meals for us. I will say that I have been really into making salads and prepping them for days in advance using mason jars. Check out this page for tips on the best way to pack them. There is an order to the madness which will make your life so easy. I like not having to think about lunch for the week by prepping on a Sunday. (Cleaning is also a breeze with a quick pass through the dishwasher on the weekend which leaves more time for quilting! Yay!)

August Block - Hive 6

Though August was a busy month, these blocks were a breeze! Thanks for picking an easy and fun one!

To answer Tori's questions: I have never been to a retreat, though I'd love to go! Tell me how you like the Pink Castles retreat. I'm interested to know if you think it's worth the price.


Hive 1 August blocks for Jennifer

Hi all -- Alison here with two blocks for Jennifer! Since everyone seemed to be making lots of citrusy colors, I made you two blues -- one aqua block and one true blue block! These will be making their way to you today!

Edited to add: Jennifer asked about fur babies!

This is Clara. She's a lionhead rabbit, which means she has a mane around her cheeks and behind her ears! We've had her for just over a year and she is VERY cantankerous. She enjoys inspecting all of my quilts!

Hive 1 block for Jennifer

This was a fun block to make. Thanks, Jennifer!  I mailed it at the end of last week but had not yet posted.  It will be fun to see the finished top!

As for your question, we have a Golden Doodle named Molly Jane.  She is sweet and devoted. She follows me everywhere and tries to sit between my feet when I sew.  Ironically, the name of my blog, (which is a blog in name only because I never posted after creating it) is from our Great Dane, Annie Hazel.     The blog title, Trouble with Annie, comes from the fact that she was a naughty, if beloved, pet.  She knew she was not supposed to do something, but did it anyway.  She would even roll her eyes at me (!) when I would come upon her lying on the sofa and tell her to get off.  Sadly, though, she died at 4 years.

Molly Jane

Sunday, August 30, 2015

September block for Jane

Hi friends,

Lori from Hive 7 here.  Before I head out of town.... again...I thought I'd better post my September blocks.  Jane asked for a bright, fun, wonky churn dash.  "Wonky" is very out of my comfort zone, but I gave it a shot.

She also asked us what colors our stash is in need of.  After making these blocks, I realize my stash has very little fun or bright pinks, oranges or reds.  I hope these will work for her.


Hive 9 Block for September

Hi it's Grace here, greetings from New Zealand! I am excited about it being my turn... however I had the hardest time settling on a block. After dithering over several options I finally decided to ask you all for help with a quilt my husband likes so we can finally have one for our bed. I was randomly showing him some photos of a quilt that an instagram friend Melissa had made. He surprised me by saying I should make one just like it. Secretly I was quite pleased by the idea because I also really love it. 

The fun thing about instagram is being able to watch everyones progress on their projects and I had been following this one from the start. I mentioned to Melissa that one day I would like to make one in the same colour scheme and she told me I could have her scraps when she was done!!  Anyway her fabrics were a great guide for me pulling fabrics from my own stash. 
Scraps from Melissa

Fabric pull
Here are some photos of Melissa's gorgeous quilt, I asked if I could share them here :) . I think if you click on them they should lead to her flickr page where you can see the photos bigger. Also you can check out the rest of her amazing photos while you are there.

New Quilt on my bed Pineapple Quilt
As you can see I would like a mustardy citrony yellow for the centre, grey, black, navy blue and touches of teal for the dark parts of the block and low volume fabrics that don't have too much colour in them for the light parts of the block. An occasional mustard or light blue colour is fine for the light fabrics too. Please use modern fabrics, and avoid batiks ;)
I followed this tutorial for the blocks which is a really great picture tutorial showing all the steps. I used the same measurements given in the tutorial.

Edited to add: a few of you have noticed there is a typo in step 7 of the instructions. The measurements should be a 3 1/4" by 3 1/4" square for the centre and 1 1/2" strips for the rest of the block. So sorry about this!

I mostly didn't trim my strips to the length needed till after I had sewn them on, that way I could maximise the use of the strips without too much wastage. 

I won't add too much more, as the tutorial explains really clearly in my opinion, but if you have any questions or problems let me know! Finished blocks should be 16.5 inches as per the tutorial, however if yours is slightly too big or small don't stress too much I'm sure I can make it work. With all the rounds a slight difference in seam allowances can make quite a difference, so pay attention when trimming as well as sewing the seams and it should be fine. You do not need to trim down the block, I'll do that as I put them together :) also please press seams to one side rather than open. 

Now for my question (not so much a question as a request), I would love it if you could share a photo of your sewing space or some tips for what helps with organisation of your space!  We are renovating our house room by room and I'm itching to set up and move into my sewing room, I haven't had a dedicated space for sewing before. Are there any must have features in a sewing room? I'm definitely planning on a design wall. 

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with and thank you all so much for your help! 


Hive 9 - August Blocks for Shauna (Flying Geese)

Shauna requested flying geese blocks this month in deep, saturated colors. I love bright, saturated colors so there were plenty to choose from in my stash!  The tutorial was really easy to follow.  I liked the method and could easily make these blocks all day!  Here are the two blocks that I made for her. 

Hive 3 September Tutorial

Margaret here from Columbia, SC. I have 2 grandsons and three standard poodles, Vegas, Marco, and Sterling. I am a self taught quilter; however, making bags is my passion! I love Amy Butler's patterns.

I broke the top of my foot in 3 places May 22nd and am just now able to walk on it so it has been a little challenging this summer but I did piece the Hosta by Judy Niemeyer and have it on my Tiara II I got this summer.

I have made the Poduck Posy block from Podunk Pretties, and here is the tutorial as a reference: www.bloglovin.comblog/post/5222389/4236169510 I prefer bright colors and modern. I do not care for the fabric used on the leaves in the tutorial and would like a brighter green and can be floral as long as it has some green. I hope you have fun with this block!

All seams are a quarter inch, press seams to the dark unless stated otherwise.

White or background fabric: bright white
(2) 4.25" squares
(2) 3.25" x  3.5" squares
(1) 3" square
(2) 2" x 3.25"
(1) 1.5" x 2.5"
(5) 1.5" squares

Green stem
(1) 1" x 7"

Posy (blue stripe)
(1) 3" square
(1) 2.5" square
(1) 1.5" (Darker blue center)

Leaves (blue, yellow and green)
(2) 2.5" x 3.25"

You can choose your own bright colors at this point; however, no off white, black or grey.

Sorry forgot to give you the finished size, 6.5" x 12", on the Posy!

Cut both 4.25" squares in half diagonally and mark 4 of  the 1.5" squares and the 3" square with a diagonal line.

I have laid out my pieces.

Sew a quarter inch line on both sides of the drawn line on the 3" squares. Cut on the drawn line and press open. On the leaves stitch slightly to the right of the drawn lines. You will end up 2 half square triangles and 2 leaves.

Square up the two half square triangles to 2.5"

Piece the one HST and the 2.5" square as shown and press towards the square.

Sew together the 1.5" white and the 1.5" dark blue, press open then sew the 1.5" x 2.5 white to the dark blue and white strip. Press towards the white.

Sew the units together and press away from the HST.

Sew the 2 units together.

Fold all the triangle pieces in half and make a crease. Line up the crease with the seam on the Post and stitch and press.

Leave tails until next step.

Add the other two triangles, clip the tails and press.

Square up the block to 6.5". You must leave a half inch from the bottom of the Posy to the bottom edge.

Cut off the 1/2" from the bottom now your square is 6.5" x 6".

Sew together all the pieces starting at the left of the stem and pressing away from the leaves.

Now sew the pieces to the right of the stem.

Sew both leaf units to the green stem. ( please use bright greens on the stem and leaves) I pressed away from the stem.

Center the stem section onto the Posy and pin, stitch to complete and press open.


Now for my question:

What has been the highlight of your summer besides the heat?

Hive 4 August Block

Well here it is... Just in the nick of time! What a busy month August has been down here in Florida.
My cathedral window block.

I have to say that this block has always been on my "To Do" list so I was super excited to make it. The block was a lot of steps but came together easier than I expected. After completing it, I don't know that I'd make a whole quilt but I would definitely try a mini cathedral!

(Close up of the center)

As for baby quilts, I've only made a few. This last one was for my own baby! I had my first son in January. I made an arrow tail quilt based on the tutorial at the Sing All You Want Blog
It was relatively easy but not fast to put together. I liked the way it turned out though!

Hive #5 - August Block for Emily

Hi Hive #5 Girls!

Rebecca here from OneWeeBird with Emily's block for August.

I posted these a couple of days ago but have only just had 5 minutes to jump onto the computer to show you Emily! I really enjoyed making these and as per usual choosing the fabric took longer than the actual sewing LOL

As to how I store my WIP's....hangs head in piles, strategically placed all around my sewing space!! The theory is they'll always stay in my line of sight so I can't forget about them....huh yeah right!!!
BUT I can say I'm working on two WIP's as we speak to try and get them finished as tops at least!!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hive 5 -- August Block for Emily

Hi!  It's Christina from Hive 5, finally getting to post a photo of the August block for Emily.

To be honest, I photographed the block but it's missing from my phone.  UGH!  So, I made another with some of the same fabrics, and I will add to my quilt block stash.  It was an easy block to construct.  

I can't wait to see Emily's all put together and quilted.

Emily asked the question of how I store my WIPs.  Well unfortunately, I have many projects going at once.  In general, I keep my WIPs in large ziploc bags; 2-2.5 gallon bags and a few with fabric for a project in these Ziploc Big Bags Grand Sacs that I found.    They are great to carry projects to sewsicals or retreats.

Enjoy what's left of the summer!!

TTFN!  Christina

Hive 6 Block for Tori

Hello All,

Kate here. I really enjoyed making these square in a square blocks for Tori. I've never made these blocks before, but they were quick and easy to make. I also love the saturated colors!

Tori asked us this month if we'd ever been on a quilting retreat. I have not, but I do have my first quilting workshop coming up next weekend, and I'm very excited to spend the whole day sewing with friends from my guild!

Happy Saturday!


Hive 2 August blocks for Christine

What a quick and easy block - just what I needed for the end of summer!

 I did have to do a bit of digging through my stash but it always brings back fun memories of other times I used the fabric!

This is going to be one stunning quilt - can't wait to see it.

Christine also asked for quick easy recipes - one of our favorites is pulled buffalo chicken on the crockpot.  We eat it in wraps, on Mac and cheese or in buffalo chicken dip.

Take 4-6 raw chicken breasts - put them In your crockpot with a bottle of franks red hot wing sauce, 1 Tbsp of butter and packet of dry ranch dressing mix - cook on low about 6 hours until chicken pulls apart with fork - add more wing sauce as needed and enjoy!

Hive 9 August block

Hi Rose here.  Flying geese for Shuna.
I have been wanting to try this block for awhile. Thanks...I really love how it came out.
I really don't have a favorite block. I do like half square triangles.   They are fun to mix up and make different patterns. Flying geese may be my favorite for now.

August block for Debbie hive 3

It's Jennifer from Utah. This block proved really fun to make as my sewing machine has been very neglected this summer and this went together so fast. Thanks Debbie!! 

Debbie's asked how we got started. Well, I come from a seamstress family. My great grandmothe Ava sewed all of her 3 daughters clothes during World War II even a white dress out of a parachute for my grandmother. My mother picked up sewing as a teenager and is a master of patterns sewing my wedding dress. When we were newly married, I had finished college and found myself a little board while my husband had night classes still. So I took a community quilting 101 class. It was a rag quilt. We'll 8 rag quilts later I needed a new pattern and started looking online. That changed it all for me. I love feeling fabric and quilting and hand binding is my favorite! I'm too the point that I'm teaching my seamstress mother how to quilt!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Hive 1 September tutorial

Hello my name is Katie and I blog over at Karma Willow Designs. I am native to NC where I live with my husband and out 5 cats. In real life I work for the state employment agency in a little town called Mt. Airy (that's Maybery for those of you that have seen The Andy Griffith Show). My passion for the longest time was scrap booking until I started quilting, same kind of craft but different medium and I haven't looked back. My history with quilting has been life long helping some of my aunts as a child but my passion developed about 10 years ago when I took my first quilting class.  

As Queen bee this month I racked my brain as to which blocks I wanted you all to make. I picked the Scrappy Crossroads block for you all to make, There is an excellent tutorial on The Dream Quilt Create blog, these are great for using up scraps and so I hope everyone enjoys making them.   
I had started this post a while back and was going in a much different direction with my colors -- once i made one block I knew I needed to be true to my color tastes. My initial block was nice but really not me -- when I showed it to my husband he thought it was to send to someone else so I revamped and came up with the color pallet below. 

When pulling out fabrics think shades of Navy, Blue, teal, orange and gold (maybe touches of dark purple) -- I really like the inspiration photo below . These blocks will be scrappy, so I would like for everyone to use a variety of colors in each block but do keep the fabrics modern and tonal.
Come Home  Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvas  by louisemead, £275.00
To give you an idea of what this looks like in fabric form I have pulled a sample from my stash to show off.  (you will need 48 2 1/2 inch squares for each block)
The constant will be the creamy off white for the 8 4 1/2 inch squares. Snow by Kona is what I used but anything comparable is great (the bella solid equivalent is off white) -- please use a solid.
So I made a few blocks and really like where this is going and can't wait to see what everyone adds -- finish at 16.5 inches square. 

I am in 2 bees currently that will be making these blocks and with the blocks I am making I am shooting to have an over sized throw for my couch, big enough for snuggling and watching movies.

So my question for this month is ---- What is your must have quilting tool or tools? For me it's several pair of little scissors (usually scattered all over my sewing room), Wonder clips, my sew steady table and my cordless Panasonic iron. 
Panasonic L70SR Cordless Steam Iron with Carrying Cover