Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hive 5 - April Block

Finished just under the wire this month!  Here are my blocks for April!

Jennifer asked for gray-scale quilts blocks.  I decided to make her one of each type of block because they came together really quickly.  I particularly liked the stark contrast between the black and white fabrics but I don't have much black yardage so I hope it's okay that both blocks used the same fabric.

Hope you like them and that they fit in nicely with your other blocks!

Last minute for Hive 1

April went by fast, and was a busy month for me.  Today is actually the only day in April that I managed to get any sewing done at all.

I'll get this in the mail tomorrow.  It is "Atomic Star" from Wombat Quilts.  I love her paper piecing patterns.  I managed to find one fabric that has some sparkle to it, I hope it fits in with the other stars.


Flock of birds

My flock has found their way home. Thank you some much ladies they are beautiful!


Wow.... Here it is the last day of the month and I have just finished my block for T.  It should be mailed early this week.   T... Hopefully this will fit into your idea.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Hive 3 April 2017

Hi give 3..
Here are two blocks for Lisa. They were mailed earlier this week.. This is an interesting block. I'm looking forward to seeing it all together. Enjoy Rose.

Hive 5 April block for Jennifer

Apologies for sending your blocks so late! But here they are! As I thought - easy and nice to make. I can't wait to see your quilt :)

Happy sewing!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hive 4 Rhonda's Block

Bring on the Spring Colors!
How I can manage to mess up such a simple block is beyond me, but I did-- not once but twice.  Three times a charm. After I finished the first block, I read the instructions and noticed I was to square the block as I went.  Oops.  Start again.  Did the second one while visiting with mom on the phone.  That one turned out too large but still pretty.  Oops. Start again.  This time I took my time and stayed focused. Bingo!  I'm sending all three.  Maybe you can use the extras on the back or add them to your orphan block party.  Mailing tomorrow.

Hive 2 - Block for Brenda - April 2017

A flock of birds for Brenda.  Dropping in the mail today (4/27/2017)

Hive 6 Block for Irene

I had ONE gray fabric in my stash that worked for this block and had to recruit help to find enough grays.  Even then, some of these might be a bit dark for what you wanted, Irene.   Hope it works!  Please feel free to do surgery on this block if needed.  😃

Hive 1 Block for T

I'm really late in getting my block done this month, but hopefully it was worth the wait. This 12-inch paper-pieced star block turned out better than I'd hoped and I can't wait to see it with all the other blocks that T will be getting from hive 1.


~ Diana from Red Delicious Life

Crashing Hive 5

I noticed a Carolyn Friedlander fabric in Jennifer's fabric pull, which reminded me I have scraps of one of her Doe fabrics leftover from a Tova top I made from that fabric.  What a versatile block!

Pinwheel Plus block for Lisa Hive 3

This is a cute block and easy to make, yay!

Hive 1 Star block for T

I made a St Louis star for this month’s request. Choosing this block was simple since I once made a whole quilt of them.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hive Crashing Hive 9 for Sherry

Hello Sherry, Diane G here from Hive 1.  I just had to contribute to a wedding quilt.  My daughter was just married on March 25.  I'll post of picture of your block and get it in the mail.  And, because I'm a proud mom too, here is a picture of the happy couple with their wedding quilt:  flannel because they live in California which is quite the joke for all my quilting friends here in Wisconsin.

Enjoy !!

Hive 1 Block for T

Diane G here with my Hive 1 block for T.  A simple star, but a classic favorite of mine.  You asked for designer information.  To the best of my knowledge this block is in the public domain.  I made one over ten years ago at a Beginning Quilting class.  The instructor was Kathy Doman and her handouts were always handwritten on graph paper with little drawings for the block construction.   She would sign them "Kathy" and include her phone number for questions.  I found this little bio on Etsy:    The Quilt Factory, located in Wisconsin, was established in 1980 and is owned and operated by Kathy Doman. Kathy enjoys sharing her quilt "know how" with over 130 students every week. In addition to teaching, Kathy enjoys creating unique patterns and quilts that she shares with her customers.   Seriously, Kathy has to be the queen of Sit & Sew groups because she hosts them morning, noon and evenings throughout the week.

Enjoy !!

Crashing Hive 7 - April

I just made a set of HST for someone in my guild's bee and figured what's another bunch. There's a duplicate hiding underneath each square.  I will get them in mail on Saturday.

Hive 8 for Ursula

These are my x and + blocks for Ursula. Mailing them today, I promise!


Hive 7 Finished Quilt 2016 Sherry

I am posting this picture for Sherry . It is her finished quilt from Hive 7 2016 block swap. I have included the link for her blogpage also.

Hive 1 Crash!

I absolutely love Wombat quilts and this one, along with just about all of her quilts, are on my bucket list! I can't wait to see your version!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hive 1 April Block for T

T asked for a constellation of stars from our hive this month, but gave everyone their choice of star.  I debated between paper piecing and traditional piecing, but in the end my printer decided for me when it ran out of ink...  So I picked the Double Sawtooth Star (and slightly modified my approach based on the instructions here) with orange, gold, and blue.

T--I'm looking forward to seeing all of your stars together!  I'll be putting this one in the mail tomorrow.

-Alicia (@qvilt)

Hive 1 Block for T: April 2017

I adore star blocks so I was really excited by T telling us to pick our own star blocks.  I made two blocks.

The first block is a paper pieced block called Lone Starbust from the Six White Horses blog. I've been wanting to make this for a while and this was the perfect excuse.  The fabric in the center has unbalanced stripes & I decided to go with it and didn't worry about matching the stripes.

While trimming the block I nicked into the seam allowance.  So I made a second block. It's Wombat Quilt's Starry Night paper pieced block. I really like that center star has an orange outline.

Here are the two blocks together.  I hope you like them.

Hive 6 block for Irene

What a lovely block Irene.  My photo looks a little darker than the fabrics really are.  I look forward to seeing your quilt.  Took me longer to find and cut the pieces than to sew them all together.  Enjoy. I will be mailing it tomorrow. 

April Hive 5 for Beth

Whew, April is flying by!

I was skeptical about these blocks - I didn't think that I would like making them.  I was wrong!  How fun, easy to put together, and how cool looking!

Thanks Beth!!

Hive 7, April

This was such an easy month.  Sorry it took me so long.

Hive 9 - April block for Sherry

Hi Sherry!
Here's the block I finished for you. I have all the blocks cut for a second block and hope to put it together tonight so I can send you two! They should be out in the mail to you by the end of the week.
Looking forward to seeing the quilt you put together for your beautiful daughter!

Liz Horgan

Hive 2 Bird for Brenda

Well I procrastinated long enough... Wednesday I had Cheryl help me tackle this paper pieced bird and got it done!  Once I got going it wasn't too bad and I am pleased with the outcome. So it off in the mail today. I can't wait to see all these bird together that have appeared, it should look really nice.

I also crashed Hive 7 for Pam and have 20 HST to send you.  I love the quilt that you are going to make from all the triangles. Hope to see it finished.

Until May,

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hive 6  - April Block for Irene

I really like this block that Irene has chosen..and i love it in grey!

Sorry that the photo isn't better
Irene, I hope these blocks fit your vision. I cant wait to see the finished quilt,


April Blocks for Irene

Sorry for the crummy photo!  But this is the block Irene wanted for April.  My stash does not have a lot of light grays but I hope this works out for you Irene.  It will be put in the mail tomorrow.

April block for Lisa

So far I'm really enjoying the bee, and I hope everyone else is also!

This is my block for Lisa in April. This block was a ton of fun to put together- I will definitely be making more of this one!  Thank you, Lisa, for a great tutorial too!! I hope you enjoy this block!  This one went out in the mail a while back, and Lisa has confirmed that she's received it.  Somehow I just forgot to finish and post my blog post!  I'm looking forward to May's block -

Hive 7 Crash for Pam

So, I happen to notice that I'm in a another bee group with Pam and she happens to be queen of April in it as well. Since I was already mailing her a package it just made sense to throw in a few half square triangles for her, right? Last night I stitched these ten blocks up to add to the package I was already sending. Happy sewing Pam!!

Hive 3 Block for Lisa

Alrighty! This month was a quick and easy original block for Lisa, and mine was in the post to Canada as of a few days ago! It will be interesting to see how the blues, grays and reds all look together!


Irene's Low-Volume New Quilt for a New Bedroom! Hive 6

Be sure to check out Irene's post showing her old and new bedroom setups.  Her block selections are going to give the room a pop and focus for a truly wow result.

My little contribution:

Going in the USPS post today!  

Kimberly a/k/a Laundered Cotton
Thank you for an interesting block to make this month, Irene. I learned that I have a bit of a hole in my stash-soft, light grays! With help from my friend's stash, and just a little stash enhancement, I was able to make two blocks that look different from each other. I hope these work for you and that you enjoy the new look in your bedroom.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hive 5 - April

These blocks were quick, so quick in fact, that I had them completed the first day of the tutorial.  I may have been quick with the sewing, but I'm behind in packaging and mailing.  Off to the post office I will go tomorrow.
(This photo is not the best - oops!)

Aprill Hive 2 Bee block for Brenda

Brenda asked for a flock of  birds. We used paper piecing, which I have done plenty of, but realize it's not my most enjoyable technique, but I got her done. :)  I also do not have a stash of batiks and am glad I found this piece. I based my colors of the bird off of the batik so it would be harmonious. I am happy to say I think he turned out pretty good!  Funny thing is  I took a knitting class on how to knit birds yesterday and have been delighting in the birds that are fluttering and feeding on my newly established bird feeding area my husband created for me. So yes, it's been a month of feathery friends. Prefect block for a time as this.

 I hope you enjoy this block, looks like you will have a happy flock with the treasures I have been seeing in our hive. Happpy Spring!  

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Stash Bee Hive 2 for April

Here are a couple of birds to add to your flock Brenda!

I hope you enjoy your final quilt.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Nine patch in a nine pach in a nine patch for Irene

Queen Irene created a nine patch in a nine patch in a nine patch block for the quilt to go on her new bed!  She asked for soft grays.  I didn't have much that fit that bill, but I took the excuse to visit my quilt shop! 

I hope you like it, Irene!  Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Emily, Hive 6

April Hive 4 Queen Rhonda Blocks

Rhonda,  I will be popping these beauties in the mail for you.  Want to keep them, but, you are the Queen!  Great choice of block.  It was fun!

Blocks for Rhonda, Hive Four

So, these blocks for Rhonda were super simple to sew up and I love using up random scraps in my scrap bin. I may sew a few more tonight as well - I mean, they only take a few minutes!! These will ship on Monday! 

A little Flock of Birds

I have completed my little flock of birds for Brenda. A fun little block to make using paper piecing one of my favourite techniques.

I hope you like them, I had great fun making them and I am looking forward to seeing them in a quilt, it is going to be fun.
Happy Quilting 
Sharon x

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hive 6 Irene's block

I wanted to make a 2nd block for Irene. So on my trip for Easter, I stopped for different grays. Here it is; ready to go. I will put the 2nblocksnin the mail.