Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hive 4 June Block

Hello everyone, Renae here with a pair of blocks for Diana. I really like how these blocks came together.
I decided to make both versions of the block. I hope they both work in her quilt!

Diana asked what we listen to when we quilt. I usually have the TV on and am listening to HGTV or something on Netflix.

Hive 9- June block for Jacki

Greetings!  Angela here.  Last day of the month and all that...

This was a fun block to make, and I was grateful it was a quick one.  Thank you Jacki for the tutorial- you did a great job.

And here's your block-

As for Jacki's quilt, I think it is both the settling and the releasing of friends.  The older I get the more I find that a few friends stay for the long haul, and some are just in place for a time.  All have their purpose.  Some stay closer than others, but I would say there are fewer that stay than leave.  And it's okay.

Hive 9 -- Block for Jacki

Nothing like the last minute, right?

I had a lot of fun putting this block together, Jacki.  I hope you like it.  I tried to mail yesterday, but my small town post office closes for lunch?  Anyhow, it'll get in the mail today.

As for the question, I work with a bunch of physicists, so I guess I will have to insist they are falling (gravity, you know?).  

Have a great 4th of July everyone!

QAYG Blocks - Fire Relief

Hello, Kelly from Hive #5 here.

As many of you may know from the email I sent out a few days ago, my sister-in-law and her family, which includes two children, lost their home to a devastating fire last week. What wasn't destroyed in the fire suffered major damage due to smoke and water. Insurance estimates that they will be displaced for 6 - 9 months while their home is rebuilt.

Ann, Mike, Ryan (13), & Nathan (8)

Just some of the damage from the fire.

This was actually her mother's sewing machine and table.
The sewing machine completely melted.

In addition to setting up a FB page and a online fund for donations, I wanted to make them something personal that they could keep with them while they find temporary housing (which has been a challenge in its own right). Something to give them comfort.... Quilts!

I was initially looking for any suggestions and contacts for fabric stores that may be able to donate some scrap bags of fabric... anything I could use to make a quilt for my SIL and husband as well as a quilt for each of my nephews, ages 8 & 13. Everyone in the StashBee has been so kind and many have offered to donate fabric and also make a block! It just was overwhelming and unexpected!

Leo from Hive 1 suggested a QAYG block which is something I've never done but seems like a great idea! Then there was a question raised about doing one with a backing fabric or without. So for those who think they would like to contribute a block... here is what I ended up settling on. I know everyone is super busy so please don't feel like you have to do anything. Even if I received one block, that would be more than I could ask for and one less thing I would have to do. :) This is totally an optional, if-you-have-time kind of thing. So feel free to chose one of the options below if you are able.

For my SIL/BIL (Ann & Mike)

If you are interested in make a block for them, I was thinking this tutorial was an easy one that could use a lot of scraps you have at home. http://www.vanillajoy.com/tutorial-scrappy-log-cabin-quilt-as-you-go-qayg-quilt.html Anything bright, colorful, scrappy. In this tutorial she pieces as she goes right to the batting. You could also piece the block together then quilt it to the batting/backing. (See tutorial below)

  • She talks about making some light vs. some dark. Don't worry about that. Just make what you think looks good with whatever you have available.
  • Please use a low-loft, natural (not synthetic) batting if at all possible. 
  • This tutorial does not use a backing fabric but please include a piece of backing fabric when you put it together. Plus it will keep all the batting fuzzies from clogging up your machine.
  • For the back, just a white/off-white, blender or low-volume fabric is fine.
  • The block should be 14.5" when done.

For my nephews' quilts (1 each for Ryan & Nathan)

I saw this QAYG tutorial http://maureencracknellhandmade.blogspot.com/2012/10/a-quilt-as-you-go-tutorial.html and thought it would be a fun one for the boys. It is basically just an improv quilt block. In the above one she pieced directly onto the batting/backing whereas in this one, she pieced the block and then quilted it onto the batting/backing. Honestly, whatever method works best for you is fine with me. I was thinking this improv block but in a mix of blues (maybe with a bit of red or yellow tossed in - but minimal) Think denim jeans, primary colors, etc. The boys are 8 & 13 so nothing too 'kiddie'.

  • In her example, she uses blocks that are 12.5". That is fine with me.
  • Again, this tutorial does not use a backing fabric, but please include one. Perhaps something neutral in gray tones? 
  • Also as above, low-loft, natural batting.
  • Feel free to do the quilting stitches any way you like. Have fun.
Thank you to everyone in advance who is able to take a bit of their time to help me out. I wasn't expecting that and it is pretty humbling to know that strangers can be so thoughtful.

Thank you!

June Hive 8 Block for Rebeckah

I can't believe June is over! Happy Independence Day to everyone!
Happy quilting!

Mystery Block Hive 8

This wonderful block arrived yesterday!!!  The envelope didn't get postmarked and there is no return address so I don't know who to thank.  So, THANK YOU!!!!!
This is what the blocks look like all together - wonderful and just what I imagined!!!  Thank you all so much!  All the fabrics are absolutely fabulous!!  I have just enough fabric with footprints in the sand to put a thin strip of that along the bottom which I think will be perfect.  Thank you again Hive 8 mates!!!

Hive 1 Block for Leo

Hello, its Alison! Here's my block for Leo --

This block was fun! I'll be making you a second one and I'll add that to this post once it gets made and both blocks are mailed to you!

Hive #3 June Block

I loved making this block.  I had gotten tired and the mojo for sewing was starting to wane from deadline after deadline but this little block has picked me right up!
Slyvia picked a Christmas block using improv cutting to make Gnomes and Trees on a low volume background. This is going to be pretty cool when its all put together!
The question for this month was what quilt are we most proud of?  This was a toughie.  I think the one I'm most proud of is one I haven't finished yet.  I was going to pick a medallion quilt I designed and have yet to put he final border on but making this block with some of my favourite wintry fabrics, I realised the quilt I'm most proud of is my version of Rachel Hauser's brilliant design: The Penny Sampler.  I made mine a frosty, wintry quilt top but have yet to quilt it!
Thank you Sylvia for choosing a brilliant block and giving me the chance to play with my favourite frosty fabrics!

Hive 5 June Blocks for Tisha

These came together quickly once I finally got around to cutting fabric.  Not sure why it took me so long to start them. 

This block is a cool shape---I'm definitely curious to see what it looks like when you put a lot of them together!

I have to say, though, I'm not sure about monochrome quilts---doesn't it get to be a lot of green?

I love planning and piecing tops.  It's the actual quilting I don't like.  I even don't mind cutting, pin-basting, or hand stitching the binding.  I like to make full quilts---most often queen size---and it's just a pain to wrestle that all through my domestic machine.  I have a whole pile of tops waiting. I keep thinking that I should just send them out---they really are big to do without a longarm!---but it's a bunch of money, and then I can't spend that money on fabric... :)

Hope you like them, Tisha!

- Genevieve 

Monday, June 29, 2015

June Blocks for Hive 6 & Friends

Just sneaking in this post before June is over. Summer in Hive 6 got some blocks, but also Diana in Hive 4, and Yvonne in Hive 2. 

HIVE 6: Summer @ The Easy Quilter

Question: Have you ever participated in a quilt along?  Yes, last year I participated in the Sugar BOM club, it was so much fun! I have yet to put all the blocks together, that is on the to do list this summer! I say try it out, usually you gain some friendships and it's nice to post to Instagram and see what others are doing. 

HIVE 4: Diana @ Red Delicious Life

Question: What do you like to listen to when sewing? The podcasts 'How Stuff Works' or 'Stuff you Missed in History Class'

HIVE 2: Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl 

Question: What is your favorite season? I love fall in New England. The crisp cool days, the changing of the leaves, the apples (and apple pie), the pumpkins, and going back to school. There is nothing about fall I dislike. Now winter, that's a whole different story ... 

Whew, I hope all these ladies enjoy their new blocks.  It was fun to branch out and go beyond! 

June, Hive 1 block

I sent this block off the end of last week to Leo.  I hope you like it!!  Very fun to make, super easy and makes a nice large block.  I can't wait to see the finished quilt.  It's amazing sometimes the secondary designs that come together when blocks are sewn into tops.

As I start to type this it reminds me that I totally forgot to post a question for all of you last month when I was Queen!! Sorry! :)  This month Leo asked us about our bookcase/es.  I have 1 for myself and my youngest son has 2 in his room. His are Billy bookcases from IKEA in black before they discontinued that color. He has books, movies, board games, crafts and Lego creations on his shelves.
Mine just holds books and is in my sewing room. The room sits above our garage so it has the fun sloped ceiling those types of rooms have--impossible to find furniture to fit.  To solve that, I made all my shelves myself!!

I love to read so I have quite a few.  I actually would like to make another one as you can see I need more room.  I'm starting to double up on the shelves :)  The bottom shelf is all my sewing/quilting books.  I read almost every night , mostly being paranormal romance.  My favorite author right now is J.R. Ward.

Good luck with your quilt Leo!!  Please post a photo when you are finished. :)

Hive 2 June Block for Yvonne

Squeaking in under the wire again, here's my block for Yvonne.  Can you believe the thing that held me up was that I couldn't find any text prints.  It made me feel that mine was a most inadequate stash!

Yvonne asked for our favourite season: mine is summer, by a country mile, but then I'm in the UK and sometimes summer only lasts a week, so I never feel like I've had enough of it.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hive 2 June Block

I must admit, the garden and yard work has taken over and I haven't sewed anything since last months block.  It felt good to get back into it!  This was a fun block to make,  I think it will be fun to see all the blocks together.

I really miss letter writing.  I moved a bit when I was younger and I have boxes of letters from friends.  We don't seem to write as much in an email or Facebook post as we did in those letters.

Hive 2 June block - love letters 

What is your favorite season and why?
My favorite season is winter, mostly because it is the opposite of summer!  I like the crisp chill in the air and sometimes I like the excuse of having to stay inside (and sew).  By Winter, the school routine is in full swing and we can just roll with it. 

Hive 6 June Block

This was a fun block! I learned a lot, I should have squared before sewing it together! I don't usually traditionally piece but I might need to start learning more!

I have never done a QAL, I'd love to learn more about them though!!!

Happy summer - Nicole

Hive #6 Exploding Stars June 2015

Hello y'all.  I'm Julia S. Aka The other Julia in Hive 6 and here is my June block.  

I love saturated colors and star blocks so I was super excited when Summer decided it was this month's block.  I decided to use the colors in center block to pick the colors for the outer two stars.  This was my first time doing "no waste" flying geese.  It took me a few tries to to figure it out but once I did I was happy. I have a hard time making neat geese because of bias distortion and this method helped with that. 

Summer asked us: "Have you ever participated in an online Quilt-Along (QAL)? If so, which one and did you enjoy it? If not, do you have any in mind or is it just not your thing?"

This is my first online QAL.  Yanick told me about this QAL and I nervously joined up.  I've enjoyed learning new techniques.  The pressure to make good blocks for my hive mates has pushed me in the best way.  My hive mama Nela has been great about sending out reminders and answering my newbie questions.  I'm having a great experience and will definitely participate in another one.

Hive 1 June block for Leonie

Thanks for the fun block! It will be a smashing quilt!

As for this month's question, I love my bookcases to be ordered and organized. As a child, I use to play library and order the books on my little shelves by my window. I still do! I like sets to be together, genres to be together, lined up orderly, and aesthetically placed books/accents so that it is visually appealing. However, my kids have never caught on to this, yet. (Sigh.)

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!(or winter, if your in the Southern Hemisphere).


Saturday, June 27, 2015

June Block for Summer

I love this block!  I love the bright colors and the star-in-a-star pattern!  Great choice.  I have never participated in a quilt-along.  I have looked at some.  It interests me, but I haven't had the time yet.  Maybe in a year or two when both kids are in school full time...  ~Samantha

May Blocks for Nancy- Finally!!!

Hi all!  Well clearly May got away from me, and June almost did too!  I finally finished my May blocks for Nancy, SUPER late.  And they were so easy that I'm really ashamed.  But part of the reason is in the picture below.  We call her Flower, after the skunk in Bambi.  She is about 14 weeks old.  We have had her for a month.  I just got my sewing machine out for the first time since she came home, today.

I don't have a particular favorite flower, but I do love fields of wildflowers.  There is something striking about the colorful flower in all the green.  My favorite color has to be purple with pink and red coming in close seconds.  My favorite non-quilty activity is running.  ~Samantha

Hive 6 - June 2015 - Block for Summer

wow...the months are flying by....

So this Exploding Stars block was a little challenging in that I had to play with colors in a way I haven't before.  Choosing them was the hardest part. I also learned a new skill with No Waste Flying Geese blocks.

I finally cut into some of my Kate Spain stash that I've been saving for the right project.  This was a perfect opportunity to use these nice saturated colors.  I made one for Summer and one for myself for my Sampler of all the quilt blocks this year (from the Stash Bee and the Bee Hive).  I can't wait to see what the exploding stars quilt will look like Summer.

As for Quilt Alongs...I've participated in the Quilt As You Go QAL and I have all the blocks done, but not put together.  I'm also participating in the Arcadia Avenue QAL...I'm so far behind, but I hope to catch up soon.  I love Quilt Alongs because you get to see other people working on the same project and it inspires me.

HIve 4 June block for Diana

Hi all, it's Laura with my block for Diana.  This block went together quickly and was a pleasant diversion from other works in progress.  Diana asked what we listened to when we quilted and I would answer it depends on what time of day and whether or not I have the house to myself.  When I do listen to music, it is beach music as it is upbeat and helps me focus.  

Friday, June 26, 2015

Stash Bee - Hive 4 - Finished Blocks for Diana

Stash Bee Hive 4 June Block for Diana
Diana, This was a very interesting block, I loved how just changing the locations on a few colors changes the whole look of the block.
I decided to make both versions. I hope that they are not too light in color.
Your question for us was what do we listen to when sewing.... I usually watch Netflix TV shows on my iPad while sewing. I do have to admit, that I think I would work faster if I only had music on.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hive 2 June Block for Yvonne

Yvonne's envelope is in the mail! ;-) I chose my favorite print, Pearl bracelets, as the circles represent unity and a French text print for the insert. Such a fun and quick block with a wonderful touching story behind it!
Yvonne wanted to know our favorite season. I'd have to say mine is spring. Minnesota winters tend to be long- very, very long. And of course, spring leads to summer!! 


Hive 1 - June block for Leo

This month we made this 16" Loopy block for Leo. I loved her detailed pictures to guide our fabric pull. Even though she told us it was a 16" block, it was surprisingly large when I started piecing it. I love the bold geometric design and look forward to seeing how Leo puts the blocks together for her quilt.

If you don't know me, I blog at Sarah Goer Quilts and just participated in the 2015 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop. My post shares a little about me, and I also shared my game-changer blog photo tip and some quilting tips.

Hive 4, June 25, 2015

I have been having fun this week. I'm in two Bees, and I found time to sew up both blocks. Just in the nick of time as the deadline for the other one was today. Whew!

Diana - this block is winging it's way to you.  Your quilt should be awesome with all these great teal colors coming together. Great choice!

Hope you like it!  (It's actually square but doesn't look like it in this photo - oops!)

And your question:  I usually have my Pandora channels going whilst I'm stitching away. I've also been addicted to Downton Abbey, but have gone through all the episodes.  I need something I can half-way listen to while I'm paying closer attention to my sewing. I like Pandora because I can make different Mood channels to match my Day.


June block for Hive 2

On!Love this block Yvonne chose ... Would be happy to make another and send along next month after my move.  Forgot to pull fabric before I packed it all!!

Luckily I had some orange I could put my hands on! For the text print I used sheet music fabric imagining it was a love song her husband wrote for her :). Enjoy!

Hive 3 Christmas in June

Here's my happy little block for Sylvia.  Fun block to make, I may make one of these quilts for myself.  It sure came together quickly.

This will go in the mail today since I'm going on vacation on Saturday!

What quilt am I most proud of?  That's go to be the quilt I made for my daughter.  I have only been quilting since QuiltCon, 2013 but I had been sewing for years.  I started on mini's and my daughter asked if I could make a quilt for her for college in the summer of 2013.  I had actually never made anything bigger than 16" square but I felt like all of the little mini's I practiced on had given me a good foundation that I could transfer to a large quilt.  I asked her to look at my magazines and she picked one out - only it wasn't a pattern, it was an ad!  She wanted that quilt in those fabrics....it was Art Gallery so I figured out who the fabric was by - Pat Bravo - and wrote her - she graciously gave me all the details and I was able to recreate her quilt almost exactly as the ad was done - with a couple of changes since some fabrics were unavailable.  I had to shop at 8 shops to find it all.  It was definitely the most difficult challenge I had and the one that taught me so much.  I even quilted it myself!  Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of it all quilted and it's off with her - I keep meaning to ask her to bring it home so I can get a shot of it but it never seems to happen.  I do have a shot of the top:  

Hive 9 - June Block for Jacki

Hello all, Shauna here and I'm going to show you the block I made for Jacki. Let me start by saying I don't like this block, I in fact really really dislike this block. Ok not really, but I do not like the 4 at a time half square triangle method. When I saw the tutorial, I thought wow that looks easy enough I will be able to bang out a couple of these blocks in no time.

Then reality hit, and it hit hard. I made my first block, and it is just wonky. It stretched way to much even with starch, and I didn't really like my fabric choices. I love the idea of black and white blocks, but I found there is a trick to mixing them so they don't look too busy.

So I picked some different fabric and decided I would do the HST the old fashion way. I looked on the internet and found the formula to make them and cut another set of fabric. I figured the finished size of the block and divided it by two to get the size of the HST I would need. Any of you experienced quilters see a problem with that idea???  There is a problem with it, a big one, I didn't allow for seam allowances.  So I made the HST, and assembled the first block only it was way too small.

I didn't even cut into thirds because I knew it was too small. But I really liked the mix of fabrics better. Alas I didn't have enough to do another block in those fabrics, so I pulled more fabric and cut another set. This time I over sized it, figuring it is better to cut down than be too small. Using the traditional HST method the block went together, very easily and looks pretty cool.

Since Jacki's layout isn't a traditional layout I'm going to send her all three blocks because she maybe able to use them. I can't wait to see her quilt finished because it is such a cool idea. Now she asked us if we thought the blocks were taking off or landing on her drawing of the quilt. I think they are landing or falling into place.  I'm not sure what that says about me since most of my bee mates said they were taking off. Luckily Toni said landing too or I would have really thought something was wrong with me.

I can say I learned a lot doing this block, more on what I like and don't like, but hey I accept all learning experiences as a good thing. So although I'm not putting a quilt with this block on my bucket list, I'm very glad I got to make it.


Hi Tisha,  
Here are my blocks for you, these were super fun and easy to make but then again I love HST!
My least favorite part of quilting is finishing the quilt, LOL!  I love designing, cutting, and sewing the blocks together - but when it comes to actually putting all the layers together - lets just say I have few quilt tops.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hive 2, June Blocks

June has been a busy month, a graduation of a doctor son, a holiday and joining the New Quilter's Blog Hop, plus of course the housework, the ironing that isn't actually quilting related and all that sort of stuff. Oh, and work.

I was looking forward to doing these blocks. Not only has Yvonne been kind enough to show an interest in my quilting and blogging over the last few months, she has also been soo busy and helpful with the New Quilter's Blog Hop. I've been lucky, Yvonne is my bee momma, and it has been great knowing her already.

I was also excited, because like Yvonne I love getting letters. My husband used to write me letters, now its mostly emails, because we are too busy to phone each other (?). Emails, have you done this, can you do this, what are you doing? I'm only joking, he writes nice emails too. But, we used to write letters. Sometimes because I lived in a flat with no phone, and heaven forfend, there were no mobiles in those days. A letter arrived next day. And sometimes, we wrote because we were romantic. My proposal came in a letter. Enough.

Yvonne asked for a 16.5" block with a texty insert, a lv background and two shades of colour for the envelope. My first was a blue one. I love blue. Never have enough blue. Airmail letters used to be blue. And the texty fabric nicely toned in.

I was so pleased with this, I made another. As a thank you to Yvonne I decided to cut into my treasured hoard of Doe fabric, by Carolyn Friedlander. I picked the greys and used a computer board texty print for the letter. Seems rather appropriate in these high tech days.

And, I came across this rocket boy fabric in Fluffy Sheep Quilting, an online  quilt shop based in Galway, Ireland. It seemed rather apt, though I have a feeling Yvonne posted that she had bought some of this very fabric. Well, maybe a little more might be useful! I bought a FQ and divided it between us. As someone who is constantly dieting, I hesitate to say a Fat Eighth. An eighth of anything is never fat.

Helen x

Hive 5 June Block

Hello! Here is my block for Tisha.  This one went together very quickly!  I enjoyed sticking to one color scheme.
Tisha asked what our favorite and least favorite part of the quilting process is.  My favorite part is adding binding - I really enjoy reflecting on how hard I've worked on a quilt as I add the final piece.  My least favorite part is basting - I've tried several different methods which all worked but apparently I'm lazy as none were really quite quick enough for me!!  Take care and happy sewing!
 - Emily