Monday, January 5, 2015

Hive 7 January block for Heather

Hello! My name is Carla, and I blog as Granny Maud’s Girl because my great-grandmother was a tailoress and everyone in the family thinks I am a chip off the old block.

Heather asked for a hunter’s star block in any colour. I do not do random well, so I started with a new geometric fabric that was sitting on my sewing table.

As much as I like the first one, I worried the colours were a bit subdued. So, I made an extra block in brighter colours.

Getting carried away, I then gatecrashed Hive 2 and made a block for Caroline. I have been reading her blog for a while, and I have a lot of pink in my stash.

Heather asked us what our favourite home-cooked meal is. This week, in the middle of an Australian summer heatwave, it is anything that does not involve turning the oven on! In winter, my favourite recipe is a lamb tagine with lots of spices, fresh coriander (cilantro), olives and chickpeas. I used to subscribe to a cooking magazine and only stopped when I ran out of space to store all the magazines. Now, I try to find favourite recipes in old issues, but I miss the monthly dose of inspiration in the letterbox. Cooking is not such a bore, but I hate deciding what to cook.



Kelly H. said...

I LOVE that first one. The colors are great!

HeatherK @ A Reformed Heath'n said...

Love them both--really!! I can always get on board with no oven in summer; we eat a lot of salads and fresh veggies in the summer. Thanks for the blocks and food ideas!