Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Hive 9 Block

I really enjoyed putting together this block and I really loved being able to do some improve kind of cuts!  I love the wonky kinda look.
I think it will be fun to see Martina's town grow with different types of houses, and I look forward to seeing how these all come together.


Hive 8 June Block for Katrin

When I finally decided on fabric choices, this block went together with ease. I hope it plays nice with the other blocks.

Hive 8 June Block for Katrin

I was gone for most of June but finished this one just in time and mailed it today!  I hope these fabrics work because I don't have many big floral prints in my stash. 

Hope you like it Katrin :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2016 June Hive 7 block for Irene

In under the wire! Will go out tomorrow. This should be a striking quilt. Can't wait to see it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hive 3: Bear's Paws for Marie

Queen Marie asked for Bear's Paws in plaids.  I have always loved Bear's Paws but had never made one, so I was excited.

I struggled with this block!  I'm not sure why.  I got the "claw" part sewed backwards many, many times and did a whole lot of ripping and re-sewing.  But I did end up with a finished block, plus one extra paw.  The extra paw is a tiny bit short, so you may not be able to use it; I won't be offended.

I didn't have much in the way of plaids so I did buy some thrift store shirts, as Marie did for hers.  I cut up the most usable parts of the shirts remaining and will send that along, Marie.  I hope you can use it for more blocks or in some other way.

Marie asked about our first job: I did a lot of babysitting as a teenager and through college.  I started at 13 and got to be pretty well-known as a sitter in my greater neighborhood.  If that doesn't qualify as my first job, I started working at the local public library when I was a junior in high school.  I was a page in the reference/nonfiction area and mostly shelved books and fetched back issues of magazines.  I am now a librarian, so the job clearly served me well :)

Emily, Hive 3

Hive 4: June block. Scrappy green star

Hi everyone.  Here is the scrappy green star block for Em.  I had a hard time finding greens that looked good together in my stash so I did include some blue greens in the block.

I've included the extra HSTs in the envelope like Em requested. I think this was a great way to get more scrappiness in each bee block.

Hope you like it!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hive 7, June block for Irene

My June block for Irene sure doesn't look very pretty untrimmed, but I totally understand Irene wanting to be able to have more control in getting the blocks to line up with each other. I sometimes have a hard time doing that with my own blocks!

The block is in a mailer ready to go the post office tomorrow.

Take care,

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Marie's block

This month has been difficult. I came down with Shingles.  I have been confined in the house for 2 weeks. Thus this block is truly from my stash. I have very little plaid. Hope it is okay. My first job was a nursing assistant in a Nursing Home. I thought the people there were so old when I was 16. Now in my 50's I realize how young they were. Hope this block works.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Hive 3 Angel block for Marie

Hi!  I'm hoping over from Hive 6 this month.  When I saw plaids my first thought was, I have those!  I hope that they fit in with your other blocks.  I did not sew them into the finished square in case you needed to mix them up some more.  So, since I didn't I created a couple extra smaller blocks for you.  

My first job was at Rag Shop, a fabric and craft store.  The entire company went out of business in 2007, which was very sad.  I still miss that store.  It is where I was given freedom to create, where my love of fabrics (and collecting them) started, and also where I worked when I made my first quilt. 

Hive 6 Block for Laura

Hi all!  I had a lot of fun sewing up these blocks for Laura this month.  I have to admit, they have been done a couple weeks, but I really liked them on my board so they have stuck around for a bit :).  I enjoyed choosing the fabrics for these blocks, I hope you like nautical.  

I may be borrowing this idea for a block for a future quilt.  I think it shows fabrics so nicely.  

Happy sewing!

June Block for Em Hive 4

Hi everyone!

Since my last post, I have visited an additional few countries of Europe and bought a house!  My life has been so busy!  Here is a picture of my new house (complete with new roof and new front window):

Thankfully, I've got my sewing room set up!  And I have an entire room to sew in, which is different than my previous residence.  Em, I'm so glad to christen my new room with your block!

So much fun!  I look forward to seeing everyone else's block!

June 2016 Hive 6

Hive 6 June 2016 block for Laura

I'm posting pictures for Tracy who's already sent her blocks to Laura in Hive 6.  Tracy is travelling...but I know she had fun making these quick-to-sew blocks!  We can't wait to see Laura's finished quilt!

Hive 2 block for Paulette

Love this block! Directions are great unless you think you are smarter than the directions and sew on the corners before you sew the last strips onto the block?@3/$?? Frustrating but VERY easy to fix! Thanks for a great pattern. Will get in the mail asap!

Hive 9 - June Blocks

Here are my blocks for June!  Martina asked for improv houses.  I decided that I wanted my houses to look like 2-story homes so I did my slicing to make the house about twice as tall as the door.

You guys have been really stretching me with our blocks so far this year.  So much improv and/or wonky (which is so much harder for me)!  I couldn't leave the edges all uneven so I straightened everything up while leaving the blocks as large as possible.

I hope you like the blocks, Martina!  And I hope they go well with all the other houses!

Hive 3 May - Catherine Wheel quilt

Hello ladies, it's Gina here.

I'd like to thank all the ladies of my hive and the others who gatecrashed it for all my lovely Catherine Wheel blocks. As well as the blocks themselves I also received some extra HST's and squares. With these I was able to make a few extra blocks to get a great 20 block quilt.

I had enough of your HST's over to bring the pinwheels out into the border.  This means it's a great sized cwtch ( Welsh for cuddle ) quilt just for me.

I'm going to quilt a simple all over swirling design and bind it in white.

I also had a few of the smaller hsts left over from you so I've pieced what will be a cushion cover to go with the quilt.

Thank you once again ladies, I am so grateful. When it's all finished and I'm settled underneath it I will think of all my quilting friends over the water.

Love and hugs to you all xx

Blocks for Laura

Hi Rebecca here from @oneweebird with Laura's blocks for June.
As usual it took me longer to choose the fabrics than it did to sew the entire block.It was tricky trying to immortalise my personality in fabric but I think I nailed it LOL

Black Humour

A little bit Rock'n'Roll

A little bit geeky
And with a fondness for Owls and bright colours.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hive 8 June Block for Katrin

Hello Hive 8!

Here's my June block.  I'm seriously crushing on the colour palette Katrin chose - the finished quilt is going to be striking!

This will be on it's way to Germany tomorrow...cross your fingers that it makes it out of the country before Canada Post goes on strike! (While you're at it, cross your fingers that they don't go on strike at all, otherwise next month's block may not get to June too quickly)

Katrin, I hope you like the block!

Hive 8 June Block for Katrin

Katrin provided all of us a beautiful blue piece of fabric to be used in the block, good instructions and several pics and links for inspiration on picking our focus fabrics.  The colors and process seemed confining and restrictive to me but I really wanted to harness that into a challenge.  Search that stash, dig deep and see if I could find a fabric that inspired the feel that Katrin is looking for... and yep, I found some that would work and I just love the way it turned out.  The block is easy and adding the little triangles to the middle added another dimension. I think the vibrancy of the colors and the variety of combinations from all our blocks will be a quilt with such rich and intense colors and look forward to seeing it all put together!

Lisa M....

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hive 4: June Block for Em

Em asked for a very scrappy green star block this month.  It's not that I dislike green, I just never seem to purchase green fabric.  As a result, it was a challenge to pull together enough different green fabrics.  Thanks to some of my mom's fat quarters that now live here I was able to pull it off.  I hope that the greens I came up with will work in your final project. 

Hive 4: May Block for Rose

I'm late with my post, but the block has already been received by Rose.  Loved that this block used one of my favorite color combinations - blue and white.  When I saw her tutorial, I knew exactly what fabric I was going to use.  I picked up the blue on white and white on blue prints at Quilt Festival last fall and they were perfect for her Nordic Star!  This star was much easier to put together than the red and white one last year.  Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of star blocks!  Rose, I am really looking forward to seeing how this year's quilt turns out.

Hive 9 Block for Martina

Hello All,
  Had tons of fun doing these improv houses.  Martina hope the move is going well and these blocks help brighten up your new home. 
Have a good day
Kristi Russell

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hive 2 block for Paulette.

This one is easy....really.......unless your seam allowance is not good.
Cutting the fabric
Making two blocks ad the same time, chain piecing.
{glad I didn't do all four of them}
Two blocks done, then to findout that they are to small.
Just inch to small, if it was mine block to keep I would left it in....but this one would go away so......cutting fabric again and watch carefully that my seam allowance is perfect.
Then after a little bit of irion, you get a perfect block.
Don't you just love it when it fits together like that.
Paulette I do hope you like it because I can't change it any more, it is on its way to you.
Whats left is two blocks for the leftover-try out-kitchen sink quilt.
Have a nice day ♥ 

Monday, June 20, 2016

June Hive 7 Block

June's block is done. I like the umbrella shape and can't wait to see what they all look like together. Like some other hive members, it also took willpower not to trim it! 

Hope you like it Irene!

June Block for Hive 8

This was a fun block in an interesting (in a good way) color combo.  It made me realize I need more purple for my stash, whenever I acquire some I seem to use it straight away.  I hope you like it, Katrin.  I plan to mail tomorrow .


Hive 9: June blocks from Martina

These were fun to make.  Hope Martina can use them.

Can't wait to see this fun quilt all put together.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

June Hive 3

I think this block choice by Marie is going to make a great quilt for fall evenings in Maine! Love knowing someone is going to be warm on Mount Desert Island - what a gorgeous place!

Marie wanted to know our first paying jobs. I was a receptionist in a savings and loan for a summer. Dullest job ever. However, I made enough money to buy my first car, a 1965 Rambler. Ugly as all get out and cost me me $250. Didn't matter, I had transportation!

Hope this quilt turns out even better than you envision it!

Enjoy your summers,
Linda, Hive 3

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hive 9, June Little Houses

This was fun!  What a departure for me.  And really great timing - tomorrow we are doing an IMPROV workshop at the Houston Modern Quilt Guild and I am going to show them how to do this block so thank you for the inspiration.  We will collect all of the blocks we make and put them in a charity quilt - I am excited!   When it's done, I will post the finished quilt so you can see what you started.

In the meantime - here are the blocks I made for you.  Hope you like them!

Debbie Grosskopf

Friday, June 17, 2016

Hive 5 Block for Abigail

Hey All!

Audrey from Hive 5 here. Here is my June block for Abigail. Isn't this a fun block? I can't wait to see her finished quilt!

Hive 7_June Block_Stash Bee

Here you go, Irene! Very easy and fun block. My stash must be different than most as I only had one polka dot fabric but now I have some more. Love to see the finished quilt.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hive 1 June

I sewed these over a week ago, just before family descended..., so they weren't posted until  yesterday. I hope the colors and patterns will work with the others you receive. It seems that my stash is rich in brights, and awash with florals, but not with bright florals. Thank you for setting this fun block for us, it was a joy to sew.

Hive 3 - Block for Marie

Hi all, Shauna here, and to me the exciting thing about doing a bee is that I get to do different blocks each month. Some I find I want to make again and others I don't want to see again ever. This month I was lucky because I got to do a block I've been thinking about for a while. My niece is a major Baylor Bears fan and I've wanted to try a bear claw block and that is what Marie chose this month. The only thing that made me sad was that I didn't have many plaids/checks/stripes in my stash. But I did manage to get a block together for her.

I really like the look of these fabrics together and I think Marie is going to have an awesome quilt when she is done. It reminds me of a quilt my grandmother had that was all made from old clothing. It is my first memory of a quilt. I loved making the block, so I'm pretty sure there will be a bear claw quilt in my future, but it will most likely be green and gold. I hope Marie likes her block and I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Hive 1 blocks for Francis

What a fun block to make for Francis-  can't wait to see the finished product!

Hive 4 - June Block for Em

I do have a lot of greens in my stash. An easy block, so made two. Will get them out in the mail today.

And best wishes to you, Em.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kings Cross - Hive 1

what an easy block...and so many possibilities.  It came together quickly.

Hardest part was choosing the fabrics..... Its in the mail today :)