Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Hive 1 Block for Marie

Thank you for the great tutorial, Marie! I had a lot of fun with this one - it was my first time doing "improv" for the two diagonal squares! Can't wait to see your pink quilt when it is finished.


-Julia D.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Hive 1 November block for Marie


What a fun and cheerful way to end the year! I was determined to get two blocks done to finish strong. Thank you for the great tutorial, Marie--and an early happy new year to all!

-Julia C.

Hive 1, June 2021 Jayne's finished top

Here is my finished top. I was hoping to have it quilted by now but my longarm machine part still has not arrived. I wanted my hive mates to see their beautiful blocks they made me all together in the quilt creating a beautiful flower garden. Thank you to all the worker bees for a fun year and espically for the beautiful blocks you made me. This quilt will become my retreat quilt to take along on my sewing retreats and will always remind me of this fun year and having something to look forward to each month while sheltering at home due to Covid. I wish everyone good health and happiness. Keep on stitching. Jayne

Sunday, November 28, 2021

November Block for Hive 1

 Down to the wire but this will be in the mail tomorrow! Marie, I hope you like the pink I picked - it's one of my favorites. 

Hive 1 November Block for Marie

Hey Marie! I hope you had a good thanksgiving! Your block was my only goal once my extended family finally left! I think this is going to be quite the cheerful quilt. 

I did a flamingo quilt for my mom last year with a pieced border that used up almost every last scrap of pink that I had! I hope this pink floral reads pink enough for you!!! Everything else I had was in strips or too small!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Hive 1, November Block for Marie


Hi Marie,

I do love going through my scrap bags - so many quilty memories. Some of the scaps I used were left over from the first queen size quilt I made, for my best friend, no less. Others from the quilt I made for my mum last year and some already pieced strips, that are still hanging around from a wedding quilt I made for friends...

Pink fabric left overs are plenty in my stash, as I usually buy FQ bundles and pink is always 'left behind'. It's my second least favourite colour, after purple! ;)

Hope the blocks will help create the cheerful quilt you envision.

They are going in the post box today, so will start their journey to you tomorrow.

Take care, happy sewing,


Friday, November 12, 2021

Hive 1 November block for Marie


I really enjoyed making this block.  The colors and the design are on point! It’s going to make a cute quilt all put together. Enjoy! Carolyn

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Sign Up For StashBee 2022 is Live

What is StashBee?

Stash Bee is an annual modern, international, online quilting bee.  It runs for 11 months (January-November) on multiple platforms including facebook, instagram and on this blog. 

StashBee is open to new and returning members. Stash Bee is international friendly. All hives can expect to have a mix of countries. In the past, the majority of participants have been American, with 1-3 hive members from other countries. Participants are responsible for the cost of mailing blocks to their Hive Mates.
Participants are divided into several hives, each containing 10-11 Hive Mates.  The total number of hives will depend on how many people sign up, so invite your friends! We need 10-11 people per hive, so there may be a wait list if there is an incomplete hive.
Each of the members acts as “Queen Bee” for one month. Before their month arrives, the Queen is responsible for testing out their choice of block and creating a tutorial post on the Stash Bee blog for their Hive Mates to follow. All of the hive members then create the requested block from their own fabric stash, and mails the block to the "Queen Bee".
As "Queen Bee" you specify the block, and the color scheme and type of fabric you would like your hive mates to use (ie. solids, prints, low volume, novelty, florals, tone on tone etc). Since this is a modern bee you  can ask for modern blocks, or a classic block but with modern fabrics. 
By signing up, everyone commits to making 10 blocks over the course of the year (January to November). In exchange, when its your turn as "Queen Bee" you will receive 10 blocks.

Reasons to Join

1) One block a month is an easy commitment!
2) Make new Quilty Friends around the world!
3) Try new blocks and new techniques!
4) Make a dent in your stash!
5) Make a quilt with a great story, and a wonderful diversity of fabric from other people's stash!
6) Have fun!

Rules & Expectations

Please review our Rules and Participant Roles & Expectations before signing up. If you have additional questions you can email me at the StashBee email:  Stashbee.blog@gmail.com

How to Sign Up

CLICK HERE to access the sign-up form. 

Registration will be open until December 4th 2021, and Hives will be announced early December via email. 

Please share the link with your Quilty Friends and encourage them to sign up too!

During the sign-up process, you will be asked what platform you would like to use (facebook, instagram, or the blog). Hives will be assigned based on a combination of platform preference, skill level and design/fabric style preferences. Anyone not assigned to a hive will be placed on the waiting list in the order that they signed up.

One more thing

Follow our StashBee Instagram profile, and tag us in your StashBee makes!


Monday, November 8, 2021

Hive 5 November Tutorial- HST Block for Alicia

Hive 5 November Block for Alicia

Credit for this Tutorial goes to Rochelle of Hive 4 who made this tutorial in February 2021

This month we are making a modern HST block from Steph Jacobs Designs 2019 HST block of the month. The original block and tutorial can be found here:


For fabrics I'm looking for black and white only.  You can use solids, tone on tone and/or small modern prints that still read white or black (please no large prints and no batiks). If you use solids, use both a black and a white solid, if you use prints, use both a black and a white print. I'd like to alternate solid blocks with printed blocks in the final layout (if you have any doubts on your fabrics just go ahead and use solids, those solid blocks will be just as helpful since I have to make quite a few for a king).

Here are a few things I pulled from my stash:

You will need:

8 - 5" black squares
8 - 5" white squares

You'll make a total of 16 HSTs, trimming to 4 1/2" (unfinished).  I love my Quilters Magic Wand for marking HST lines 😊

I don't think I need to go through the HST making process but if you do need help, Bloom Heart Quilts has a great tutorial and several HST methods. I chose to make my HSTs the old fashioned way (2 at a time),  if you like to make 4 or 8 at a time - feel free to use your preferred method.  Please iron all seams open throughout, this will make my life much easier when I am quilting 😉

Most HST cheat sheets say to use 4 7/8" for a 4 1/2" unfinished block but I like the warm and fuzzy feeling of using a larger size and then trimming down. Using the 5" square I did not have much trimming to do.

Here is the layout for your HSTs, I had to keep going back to my photo to make sure the layout was correct.

 I sewed the first two and last two blocks of each row together.

Then completed each row.

With all the rows complete, I attached the top two rows and bottom two rows (sorry no photo here but I think you get it). Also, if your block doesn't look quiet right, rotate it and see if it then matches.  Previously, this was a bit confusing.

And finally sew the last center seam and you're done! Your block should measure 16 1/2" (unfinished).  A nice big, simple block! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Hive 1 November 2021 Block for Marie

Hi Marie, What a great block to end our year in. It was so easy and stress free, not that the others were stressful after a little practice. I enjoyed using my scrap strips I save from trimming quilt backs. I do charity quilting on my long arm and with that I produce a lot of long strips from the quilts. This will be a happy quilt for sure with the white and pink main pieces. I look forward to you posting the finished top. I was hoping to post my finished quilt by now, but my longarm has been in the shop since September, arrg. I might just take a pic of the top to post. Enjoy all your pretty blocks. Karen gave me her block for you and I mailed the blocks to you today and they are to arrive by Friday. Keep on stitching, Jayne