Monday, October 15, 2018

Hive Four Grandmother's Choice

What a fantastic block! Tons of interest for very little effort! This is definitely going on my "make it for myself" list!

It'll be heading for Canada tomorrow!


Hive 1 October Bow Ties

I struggled with the background color request, so I hope these work for you.  Let me know if they don't.  I didn't want to use actual muslin because of the looser weave, but I can ... just let me know.  Thanks for an easy block!

Hive 1 September Block

Oh Goodness.....  I am so late.   This is such a great block; one that I am hoping to use in a future quilt.  I love the idea of your quilt with the blues and the greens.   Hope this will work well.
Again, I apologize for being so late.  This will be in the mail this evening or tomorrow morning.  Happy Sewing.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Hive 4 blocks for Carolyn and Kristi

Happy October all!
I realized as I was posting this months’ block I forgot to post my block last month.  Pictures are below; Carolyn you should have received yours by now (although I think I might have sent it to your old address by accident, I hope it got forwarded to you!) and Kristi, I will pop yours into the mail on Monday. (How many stamps to send to Canada?  Anyone know?).  Happy quilting!!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hive 4 Block for Kristi

I love it when I get to try a totally new block.  This one was super easy but the possibilities are endless.

I followed the tutorial and trimmed it to 12.5" and then I reread your post and saw it said not to trim it.  Well I'm sending this to you...but if it turns out you need one with all the trimmings, let me know.  I'm sending along my extra black and white prints. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Super Bow Ties!

Wow, what awesome Bow Tie blocks are being posted! I haven't seen any ugly fabrics yet, but I know everyone has at least one or more. They can just disappear into a scrap quilt. I know because I made an entire quilt out of uglies. A strange bunch of not quite fat quarters of dark, muddy prints was given to me and they hung out in my stash for years before I resolved to get rid of them. Here is what happened:
See? All gone now.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Bow-Tie Blocks for Robin

As everyone else has mentioned, these blocks for Robin come together lightning fast!  I had mine done last week but just got around to posting them this evening. Can't wait to see her finished quilt.

~ Diana @ Red Delicious Life

Sept Block for Hive 4

Yes, I am late with this block!! But I did have a good excuse.

Here's the island of Burano, off the coast of Venice, Italy. It was very colorful and had few tourists.

 I returned the end of September after a month long trip around Germany, Austria, and Italy with a 14 hour lay over in Copenhagen, Denmark and an unplanned night in Chicago because the airlines "lost" our return tickets to home.

We toured Rome, too. One just has to take a picture with people in it as there's always a crowd of people around.

Needless to say, I had to rest, unpack, and do laundry before I could set foot inside the sewing room. And add to that, a bountiful apple harvest was waiting for us.

We have 8 trees. Two are honeycrisp and one is a yellow apple. The other 5 are delicious mysteries.

We have been harvesting apples for the past 10 days. It looks to be the second largest crop we've had. The largest produced 10,000 pounds of apples off 8 trees!! My dehydrator has been running constantly for those 10 days and I've made lots of applesauce for the freezer as well as apple pie filling and fresh pies and crisps. I've probably eaten several dozen myself.

We also started pressing apples in our cider press having made 30 gallons on Saturday. Of course, I had to cook and feed the crew, kind of like the old threshing bees of days gone by. We'll be cidering for the next 3 weekends!!

But I was able to manage sewing Carolyn's block this afternoon. I fretted over the fabric picks for a week. I only had one navy fabric and a couple of low volume prints for the background. And mustard??? What color is mustard anyway?

It did end up to be rather cute in the end. I hope you like it, Carolyn!

What I learned today:
  1. I am really low on low volume prints.
  2. And navy. You'd think with all the fabric I have I wouldn't be low on anything!
  3. Smile! You never know when you'll end up on some stranger's vacation pictures!!
Question: What's the longest vacation/trip you've taken? I've had a 3 month trip. That one was much more relaxed.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts
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Bow ties for Robin

I've seen these blocks plenty of times before in books and in quilts; and in the back of my mind, I knew they were simple blocks; but I never made them.  They REALLY... ARE... SIMPLE.  O my!  These four all but materialized out of thin air!

(There's that frog fabric again!)

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Fast, Fun Blocks for Robin

Coincidentally, I decided this week to spend time getting a big pile of scraps sorted, cut and filed into size boxes.  I couldn’t walk past the overflowing basket another day, so sorting scraps came in handy to test this block.  Robin, I really love your block and a quilt with these cute bow ties is now on my short list.  Can’t wait to see your quilt and to show you all my Polaroid picture baby quilt with the perfect fabric you sent me for the backing.  I am quilting  and binding it next week.   Thank you!