Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hive #1, January block


I'm Jackie, a stay-at-home mom of 2 from Oregon.  I was in hives #2 and #3 in the original Stash Bee a couple of years ago when it first started.  I finished my hive #2 quilt, Arkansas Crossroads, which you can view here.  
 I took last year off from bees and swaps to remodel our house.  Of course, when you replace one thing it always leads to replacing more.  The whole thing ended up being way bigger than expected and took longer to finish (we did the work ourselves) but it was totally worth it in the end!! I'm very excited to get back to sewing again!!  And maybe even keep my blog up to date :)
You can find me at :
Flickr: nwpatchwork
Instagram: nwpatchwork  (just joined so I'm learning how to navigate it)

Here is my January block for Allison:

Our question for this month is "What is your biggest quilting disaster?"

Unfortunately they do happen, right?  I have had several in the 20+ years I have been quilting.  I don't care how experienced you are, stuff happens!  I have sewn things upside down, cut wrong and then realized I didn't have enough fabric to cut the right way and have had the dog actually chew a hole in a finished quilt. I think the biggest though was a few years ago--I was in the middle of FMQing a lap size quilt, for the second time mind you, since I ripped out the previous quilting.  I was half way through with it and decided to leave it and come back another day to finish it.  In the mean time the cat pee'd all over what was hanging off the table.  Between the ripping out of FMQ stitches and the pee, it has since been named "the quilt from hell" :)

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Granny Maud's Girl said...

If my cat peed on a quilt, he would be renamed 'the cat from hell'!