Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hive 2 - January Block

-Hi There everybody, my name is Helen and this is first year in Stash Bee, so my first block and my first blog post.  My first and hopefully the first of many. Caroline is our hive mama and she asked for a heart block (tutorial here), tying in nicely with February and St Valentine's Day.

We could do the block in pink, red or purple. I actually have a fair amount of purple in my stash but I thought I would go for pink, as Caroline also asked that some of the lv squares have a little of the core colour in it. I knew I had some lv with pink, and I wanted to use some of these little gnomes as a fussy cut. I also had some Wee Wander and I knew the pale pink contrast would be perfect.

The blocks were fun to make, and thankfully all my points worked out ok. The incredible thing is we used 14 hst in the primary colour, and guess what - I had exactly 14 pinks I could use, including charm squares. I had just received some rainbow squares in a swap so they came in handy.

 I did find I had some white with purple hearts from a range of fabric I bought years ago, they had reminded me of the Jenny Joseph poem Warning. I believe there are groups of women  known as the "red hats". I have just always loved the poem. Anyhow, I have included a little of this for Caroline, it might be useful if she is making some extra purple squares.

Caroline also asked if we were a time traveller what would our period be. Mmmmm difficult. I have always loved Jane Austen so the regency period would be good, I also love history and the Tudor period would be my favourite, I seem to be reading loads of Tudor fiction at the minute. One of my other hobbies is genealogy so it would be fun to see how my ancient relatives lived. But, on balance I would love to see how the Cottom family were living in 1640 in Yorkshire, England, as that is how far I have got back.  But in reality I know how they were living, working very hard to raise a family on a farm with none of our modern conveniences.

Looking forward to February's block and to getting to know everybody.

Helen x

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