Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Stash Bee 2014 - Hive 11 - finished quilt!

I am SO excited to have this quilt done, I wanted to thank the lovely ladies that helped me get this done!!

My sister & her husband loved it!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stash Bee FYI: Posting using Blogger

Since many Stash Bee participants do not blog, I hope this brief tutorial will be helpful for those of you unfamiliar with Blogger.

When you want to write a post, you will need to go to the Blogger homepage while logged into whatever Google-related account you used to accept your author permissions. You'll need to go to and it should come up with a page that looks like this:

Most of you will only see "Stash Bee" listed, unless you use Blogger for your own blog.

To start a post, click on the orange box with the pencil. This page will now open:

The title of your post should go in the box circled in red.

The text body of your post goes in the large box circled in blue.

To add a picture, click on the picture icon noted with the green arrow. When you click the picture icon, this dialog box pops up:

There are a few different options to choose pictures, but the most basic option is to upload them from your device. When you click the "choose files" button, you'll have access to your device files and can chose to upload whatever pictures you desire. When finished, click the "add selected" button to add pictures to your post.

Once you are done with your post, you will need to label it so that it is easy to find -- with 99 each posting at least once a month, it will be helpful to have all posts categorized! If you click "Labels" on the right side of the posting screen, a dropdown menu will appear.

All of the labels that you will need to use are already listed below the box -- DO NOT create your own labels without prior permission. For a tutorial, you would click "Year", "Hive#", "Month", and "Tutorial". For a finished block or blocks, you would click "Year", "Month", and "Hive#". For a finished quilt, you would click "Year" (whatever year the blocks were made), "Hive#", and "Finished Quilt".

If you want to immediately publish your finished post, you can click the orange "Publish" button and you're done! If you want to schedule your post for a future time and date, click Schedule on the right hand side and the following menu will appear:

"Automatic" means that clicking the Publish button immediately publishes the post. Switching to the "Set Date and Time" setting pops up with this menu:

You can use the calendar to click the date you want your post to publish and change the time you want it to publish in the clock. Click "done" when you are finished. You can now click "Publish" and your post will automatically be posted at the date and time you selected and will be saved as a draft until then.

That's all for now on basic posting! Don't hesitate to ask your Hive Mama if you have any questions!