Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hive 1 block

My first block every for a bee was for Alison -- no pressure right. She wanted some nested sawtooth blocks and these are just lovely. I had a great time putting this one together using my scraps so I hope that she loves it too. 

The question that she posted was about quilting disasters -- one of my greatest was quilting a king size quilt on my domestic machine and realizing after a bout of a  fourth of the quilt that the backing was flipped back which meant lots of unpicking. I recently had a quilt that had to be re-quilted because the bobbin thread wasn't catching and the top thread was loopy on the bottom -- this quilt was also the taker of 2 packs of needles since they kept breaking along the way. 

Happy Quilting everyone!! I can't wait to see how these all come together. 

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