Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hive 5 - August Seaside Treasure!!

Woohoo!! Just under the wire! :) Well, it's a good thing the block was up to us this month as my machine foot was lost in the move, it's on backorder from Viking and the generic one I purchased from Amazon doesn't fit my machine :( So I had to... drumroll please, hand sew this entire block! With not even a rotary cutter :/ Yes, that's right, the type of sewing that I haven't done since high school I had to reinstate! I need to work on my organic sewing room skills for sure! Please forgive me if this one is a little extra "wonky!" :)

Yesterday made thirty days in our new home and I still haven't found the flatware in all my unpacking :/ But my honey made it home safe from Afghanistan this week so we have a lot to be thankful for! The girls and I are thrilled!! Plus he finally got to see Baby #3 cooking on the ultrasound screen <3 We just moved to Florida and he wants to go frolic in the storm surge so we are off to do that now <3 From my beach to yours, enjoy!! <3 XoXo-Erin

Anchoring the Spectrum for Miranda

I am a hoarder of blenders, so I knew that I'd have plenty of color options for this block. After looking at the posts from others, I made a conscientious decision to hold down the other end of the spectrum by going with a confident purple.

One of the hidden benefits of joining Stash Bee is that I've become more comfortable with 'wonky'. Before I joined the Hive, I'd have dreaded Miranda's block based simply on the fact that there are unstructured parts. Now, I hopped right in. I enjoyed it so much that I made TWO! I hope that aqua fits in ok.

Hive 6 block for Jennifer.

Hi all. Here are Jennifer's blocks for this month. They went together quickly and I love the color combination!   They are on their way and I'm sure won't take too long to get to you (since you are just over an hour away ;) ).
Happy  sewing!

Hive 3 August Blocks for Sandy

I hate hate hate being late and I was almost late this month. Not making the blocks, they have been done for a couple of weeks but getting them in the mail. Sandy picked one of the easiest blocks ever, it took me longer to pick the fabric than sew the blocks...really!!!  I ended up making four blocks because the were so easy and I just couldn't decide which colors I liked best.

Sandy asked for bright summer colors, so I tried to pick out colors that popped. I like all the blocks I made but I think the 3rd one is my favorite, and who doesn't love some Tula deer fabric. It's Sandy's birthday this month, so I hope she had an awesome day and I can't wait to see what she does with all of her wonderful blocks.

Hive 9 August Block from Martina

As anticipated I slipped in right by the deadline...the move from France to the U.S. was pretty stressful and one of our worst moves yet. Plenty of stuff went missing or broken and it takes time and effort filing claims...oh well!

Here is my wonky pinwheel block for Heather - I hope you like it. The seams are quite thick where the points meet and I hope you'll be able to quilt it well despite the thickness!

I'll put it in the mail today :) 

Hive 4: Catching up - July and August

July disappeared; it got away from me completely. We were out of town, and then I had my last chemotherapy with subsequent feeling dreadful for a week. The day after I started my July blocks I got a fever and went to the ER because I was still neutropenic (no immune system) from the chemo. After 4 days in the hospital and some shots in my abdomen to bring my white cell counts back up, I convinced the doctors to discharge me and continue my IV antibiotics at home. I was still sick, but I was home. The fever continued for 16 days, and by then, as I mentioned, July disappeared. 

I'm finally well enough to get back to sewing, so August brings blocks for this month and last. 

July blocks for Amanda:

August blocks for Carmit:

Hive 4 blocks for Carmit

I sent these early in the month but forgot to post a photo!  Thanks Carmit for a lovely block - really love the classic colour scheme of yellow and grey!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August block bound for Deutschland!

Guten tag!

Ahh August, how I equally love and loathe thee.  This month has certainly gotten away from me, but I have finally found the hour necessary to get these cute cute blocks out!

Carmit, your posts and comments always make me smile. :)  Hope all are well!

Hive 6 August Block for Jen

Rebecca from @oneweebird posting with only 24hrs to spare!!!
Jen should already have these blocks as I posted them a couple of weeks ago.

 Great block and straight forward to paper piece in a cool colourway.
Cant wait to see them all together.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

August, Hive 4, for Carmit

My sewing room gets so very hot in the summer, and this year we have had record high temps. So I waited for a cooler day which we finally got.  This is the only sewing I have done this month.  I do like how they came out.  Much easier then I thought. This  is a great block.  One that I will have to add to my list of to do blocks. 
Hope you like these Carmit, and I hope they don't take too long getting to you. I will get them in the mail tomorrow.  Enjoy  Rose!

Stash Bee Hive 6, August Block for Jen

This last month seems to have been all about the paper. The Bubbles Bee 2 is foundation piecing every month. I have finally mastered it, now in month 8. And Stash Bee Hive 6 was foundation piecing too this month. All the practice in Bubble Bee has prepared me well.

First up was Jen's paper pieced bee square. I  have a little difficulty with my printer printing to 100%. Who would think there was difference between printing 100% and print to size? My lovely work friend Miss F sorted that for me. I realise now that is how my Wanta Fanta blocks weren't quite right size for Karma Willow earlier in the year.

I made the four blocks very quickly and sewed them altogether. Oops, they were sewn into a square rather than an X.

They were quickly unpicked and sewn into an X. The photo is just before I sewed them.

Then I noticed that some bees had a square, some had an X.

Then I saw Jen wants the four components left unsewn for her to play with.  I have sent her two x two. This will still give her enough to play about with, without weakening the seams by unpicking. I have also learnt to make my foundation piecing slightly large circumference cutting line. This gives room for error in the cutting. I have left this for Jen to trim herself, it will have better easement if someone else's block is rather shy of the measurements.
Helen x

Saturday, August 27, 2016

HIve 1 - August

What a month!  With just a few days left, I managed to get this block done.  

I enjoyed making this block.  Quick and easy!  It'll be in the mail on Monday.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hive 7 Block for August

Hive 7 Block for Mary

What a month filled with sick kids and activities. What a great block. I have done a few of these quaterfoil blocks as part of the beeblock swaps but this colour combo is defnitely a winner
Thanks so much.
Block is on its way


Hive 7 August block

I loved this block so much and your colors are gorgeous!! Can't wait to see this finished... Thanks Cyndi for the reminder to post my block here - brain was on shut down over the summer I think!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hive 3, August

Hive 3,August block for Sandy,

Wonderful easy block. I can't wait to see what it looks like all together.

Hive 7 August Block

Hi there fellow Stash Bee-ers!

Great color palette this month! I think these blocks will make a beautiful quilt!

I cut the pieces and ironed them at the beginning of the month but then got side tracked with other projects due in September. But here it is finished and pressed!
 Sending it out tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hive 9 August block for Heather

Here's my August wonky pinwheel block for Heather:

Hope you like the colors.  I can't wait to see your finished quilt!


Hive 9 August Block for Heather

Heather had us make this wonky block using our scraps.

Hope you can use this block.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hive 5 August Improve block for MJ.

MJ requested a block with beach/ocean themed colors in an improvy fashion. I just began cutting and sewing and came up with this. I hope it will play well with the rest. It was fun to make with no rules , just create as you go.  

Hive 7 - August Block for Mary

Sorry for the delay.  Had to "borrow" some teal from a friend.

August Block - Tic Tac Toe - For Stephanie

An easy block for a busy and hot month....These colors will make a beautiful quilt....

Its on its way tomorrow!!!

Hive #1 August block

There is a heatwave coming to our country :-(

I had to make the block today, otherwise the rest of the week will be too hot 
and I don't do hot too well.... :-)

Thanks Stephanie for this easy but lovely block!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Gelb und Grau

It appears I remember >< much high school German.  Carmit's block is done and will be off to Germany later this week.  My kid goes back to school tomorrow so I can go. to. the. post. office. alone.  Woohoo!

August Hive 8 Block for Lee

When I first started making this block, I found the angles a bit challenging...

Trying to figure out how to flip the pieces and still have the right size square!  After the first couple I got the hang of it but decided to do them larger and trim down.

That seemed to be a bit of waste but I much preferred having plenty of room to work with and options on where I wanted to trim to make the squares.

So here it is all finished and on it's way! 

I so enjoyed putting this together that I made enough additional squares for the center of a small quilt that I'll add some borders to and back for a gift.

As far as fabric lines... there are so many that I see and would love to buy but I'm really trying to use my stash and I've found that just as sure as I think I must have that line... another one comes along that's just as pretty.

Lisa M.

Hive 3 August Block for Sandy

Two blocks for Sandy's quilt.  These were quick and went together so easily - a perfect block for August.  It's in the mail tomorrow.  I know Sandy wanted bright colors so I hope these play well with the other blocks.
Looking forward to seeing the end result.

August Hive 9

Fun and easy little block!  Love anything that gets me into my scrap bin - have you noticed that they are like a bowl of rice - they never, ever go away!  No matter how many scraps you use.  So I was really happy to pick some pretties!  My most recent quilts have used a lot of navy and that was at the top of the bin so I had to keep putting it back.  But I like the pieces that ultimately ended up in the block, hope you do, too!

Going in the mail today!


Mary's Block - Stash Bee in August (Hive 7)

I really like this block!

 Dieser Block gefällt mir sehr!

 The block is called Quatrefoil; Mary chose teal, lime, navy blue and white for her block.

 Der Block heisst "Quatrefoil"; Mary wollte die Farben blau-grün, Limone, dunkelblau und weiss.

And here is my block:

Und hier ist mein Block:


 I fussy cut the teal fabric so that there are always two dark teal shapes (top and bottom petal) and two light teal shapes (left and right) in the center and that they are running in the same direction.

 Ich habe den Blau-grünen Stoff so zugeschnitten, dass es immer zwei dunklere (oben und unten) Formen in der Mitte gibt, und zwei hellere Formen (rechts und links) in der Mitte gibt. 

This block will make a beautiful quilt!

 Aus diesen Blöcken gibt es sicher eine schöne Quilt! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thoroughly Modern MJ

I loved creating this block! MJ asked for beachy colors in solids or modern prints. I pulled a batik print, taupe, and shades of Balize blue. She suggested her pal Jennifer's modern interpretation on traditional blocks and I can't thank MJ enough for that rabbit hole of awesomeness. Wheeeee! I chose Patience Corners, block # 41. Why? Because that is the name of the Quilt Shop where I took my first quilt class from Roberta Horton back in 1980. It is now New Pieces Quilt Store.

Patience Corners is a traditional block that has been around for ever. Can you believe that I have never sewn this block? Me either. So I tackled it and loved it so much that I made 4 little blocks and sewed them together. I want to make a whole quilt in this wonky improve style because I love the look. Without further ado, here it is:

August Hive 2 block for Miranda

According to the USPS Miranda has already received this block. . . . I have not been on the computer for a while so I am just posting this now.

Here is the block that I sent her:

I hope it works well in your quilt.  I had fun pulling fabrics.

Sherry V.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Karen's August Hive 6 Blocks for Jennifer

Greetings fellow busy Bees! These small blocks were nice to paper piece in an assembly line so I made four. When I signed up for Stash Bee I felt my stash was pretty extensive, but each month seems to bring a new challenge. This month's challenge was Fuchsia! It's also been a challenge to spell correctly. I have some fuchsia batiks, so I hope you meant it when you said batiks are fine. Without further adieu, here are my blocks. Hopefully they find themselves a happy home.

August Blocks for Hive 1

I finished these a couple weeks ago, but they got put aside.  I'll get these off mid-week this week.  They were super quick to sew together and I love how they turned out.  Your quilt will be truly beautiful!

August quarter log cabins for Sandy (Hive 3)

Queen Sandy asked for quarter log cabin blocks in bright summer colors.  I love how quick & easy this block was!  I made 3.  Sandy, I hope these colors are your idea of bright and summery!

I took them to the post office yesterday, so they are already on their way to you.  Enjoy!

Emily, Hive 3

Hive 8 - August Block for Lee

Here's your block, Lee! I'm one of the weirdos that doesn't have a collection of skinny fabric straps thanks to a recent purging episode!

As for fabric wishes, I wish I'd stocked up on Carolyn Friedlander's Architectures collection, it's so good!

I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Hive 2 August Block

Miranda....   Had such a fun time with this block.   Deciding on the color and then the fabrics were GREAT fun.  Hope it works well in your quilt.   Will be mailed tomorrow..  Happy Weekend to you,
Light was is much brighter

Aug block, hive 1

Here is my August block. Easy and fun and I love the colors!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Hive 6 August Blocks

Jen requested some paper pieced blocks in a color palette that I really love! 

This is going to make an amazing quilt! They are in the mail to you Jen!


Stash Bee_Hive 7_August Block

The colors you chose were wonderful! I hope the petal fabric has enough teal to match the rest of your blocks. Hopefully, it will be mailed today.

Finished Hive 5 Quilt

Hey y'all. It's Audrey from Hot Pink Quilts. I finally finished my Stash Bee Hive 5 Quilt. (I was a January Queen Bee.) This is headed off to one of my favoritest people in the entire world, and she has no idea it's coming. I've written more about this quilt on my personal blog if you're interested.

Thanks Hive 5 for your hard work!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2016, Hive 4, August Block for Carmit

Loved making these blocks as much as I love the color yellow.  I just finished a quilt top I call "Snowballs in Summer"--in yellows and greys.  I never get tired of this combination.  One of the blocks is a little off so I made more.  Enjoy!!