Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hive #5 January block

Happy New Year!   I'm Lynn the Hive mama for Hive #5.
 I live in Southern Maine with my husband, twin daughters and three dogs.  
I'm excited to get to know all of you and the new year of Stash Bee.

My question for you is;
what is your favorite season and why?

My favorite season is Fall; 
I love to see the change of colors of the leaves - the smell of the crisp air,
 apple picking, and going for walks in the woods.

This is my block to start the new year off.

I would like you to use bright colors. 
(I love shades of reds, orange, yellows, blues, greens, and black.  
I like purple but not light purples. See my sample block.)

Please limit the use of pink. There can be small amounts in the fabric 
but please try not to use a primarily pink fabric.

Please do not use solids.

Please make it scrappy as possible.
 By this I mean please try not to repeat the same fabric more than twice, if possible.

Use low volume fabrics white, off white, cream, and ivory. 

You'll need 18 squares of each:
 low volume background 
   bright colored prints 

Here's how I make half square triangles:
Please feel free to make them using your favorite method. 
Your finished half triangle block size should be 3"

I'm starting with a 3 1/2" square which will give me a 3" finished size. 
(If your not comfortable with this method 
you might need a bigger starting square like 3 3/4" ) 
It's important to make sure your sewing an accurate 1/4" seam, please do a test block.

First I cut my squares to 3 1/2 inches.

I draw a line corner to corner as a guide.

Sew a scant quarter of an inch from the center line, each side.

cut on the center line

Iron open and trim to 3" 

finished 3" block

Lay out your block and sew into rows.
I found pinning helped keep everything lined up.

 Feel free to iron the seams either in one direction or open.

Your block should measure 15 1/2"  
please send to me untrimmed. Any questions please email me.
Don't forget to post your finish block on Stash Bee and Flickr. 

Thank you,


Kelly H. said...

Can't wait to get started on this one.