Friday, January 9, 2015

Hive 9 - January Block

Hello all, I'm Shauna and I'm very excited to be participating in my first Stash Bee.  I blog at Shauna's World and Instagram under the name tomosia.  I was very happy to see the Wonky Cross block that Toni selected this month, until I made one.  My first cross came out looking more like X marked the spot.  So I made a second block and it looks much more like a cross.  I emailed Toni a picture of the first block to see if she could use it and she said yes, so I'm sending her both block.

My X block

And my cross block

Now Toni asked where I would take her if she came to visit. I live just north of Dallas, Texas, so there is all kinds of great things to see here.  But first I would take her to my local quilt shop, hey she is a quilter and it is a great shop.  Plus there are a several more shops in the area.  Then I think we'd top off the day by visiting Reunion Tower, it has a Wolfgang Puck restaurant at the top that slowly rotates so you can see all of the Dallas skyline.


Natasha said...

I love this block both with the skinny x and skinny cross. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Your "x" may have been inspired... Just sayin-