Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hive 3 January block

Hi everyone, I'm Sylvia! This is my second year in Stash Bee, and the quilt I made last year is probably my all-time favorite quilt (so far anyway), so I'm excited to start another round.

Ruth asked us to make bookshelf blocks with a theme this month, and since I am a marine scientist I have vast quantities of ocean-themed fabrics. This means she gets a shelf with oceanography textbooks from me. I hope you like it Ruth! I could have kept going, but restrained myself to the requested size. :)

The question of the month is about our first quilt. I'm not one to start with something simple, so my first quilt was one I saw in a picture somewhere online, and I had to work out the math for it myself in order to copy it. It is, of course, poorly made (for example, I didn't bother to reread the binding instructions in my books and so I just made something up when I got to that point), but I still really love the design and it still gets used.

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Sewgreen said...

Well for a first quilt that is GORGEOUS!