Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March - Hive #1

Here is a tutorial on the bordered star for March Hive #1

This is my first written tutorial.  Forgive my mistakes and lengthy tutorial.  I wrote it basically for the quilter that has not paper pieced before.  Hope you all can understand it. :)

Tools that are HELPFUL to have:

Add-a-quarter ruler
Cardboard (I use the 5” cardboard from a charm pack)
Carol Doak's Foundation Paper


*Blue fabric – solids or prints (the blue print can have white or red in it but no other colors).  Please no baby blues or blues that have a touch of purple in it. 

*Red fabric – solids or prints (the red print can have white or blue in it but no other colors).  Please no pink red, orange red, or purple red. 

*Kona White

 The Star

The star can be all blue & white, or all red & white, it can be blue in the center, white, then the red at the points.  All the red & blue fabric can be the same or scrappy like my sample.  You can even go red, blue, red, blue throughout the star.  The only thing I ask is that #2, #3, #6, and #7 be Kona White.


The bordered star template can be found at Quilting Climber.   Print at 100%.  You’ll need to print four of the templates.  Monica who designed the template has a 1” marker for you to verify that it printed correctly. 

NOTE:  when you see some of my pictures, you'll see that the writing on the template is backwards.  That is because I printed with a MIRROR image and I did not need to.  Once you get into foundation piecing, some templates have to be printed mirror imaged or it will come out backwards when completed.  This template that we are using, the design is the same.  So please just disregard the writing on the photos.

Place your fabric front side up on #1.  You'll be sewing on the lines and placing fabric on the non-printed side.

Next you'll want to trim some fabric so that it is 1/4" off of the #2 line.  I placed the cardboard where the #2 line is and folded the template.  I used the add-a-quarter ruler and cut the fabric at the 1/4".

The picture below is to just show you how I line the #2 piece of fabric on top of the #1 fabric. 

Once I line them up, I then turn it over so that I can see the lines to sew on.

You'll be sewing on the line between #1 and #2.  I take my length stitch down to 1.8.  This makes it easier to take the paper off at the end.

Dry Iron the #2 fabric over.  Turn it over and use the cardboard and fold over on the line between #1 and #3. 

Now you'll want to use the add-a-quarter ruler and cut after 1/4".

Now you'll sew the line between #1/#2 and #4.

So you keep doing these steps until the end.  Once you sew the line, iron, fold the next line, add the 1/4", sew again.

Here is how it will look like before trimming down.

When you trim, don't trim away the last 1/4" line.  That will be the 1/4" seem allowance when you sew them all together.  I take the paper off before sewing the star points to each other.  Sew A & B together matching seems.

Now sew all 4 squares together.

Note:  Once I sewed my first square block, I realized that when sewing, I should have sewed the line thru the 1/4" on the template. 

With a pen, just extend your sewing lines out.  By sewing to the end through where the 1/4" seem is for sewing them together, this helps secure them down.  Just a tip that helped me after I started on the second set.

I will NOT need a SIG block.  On the back of Quilts of Valor quilts I need to have a QOV label.  I will fill it out and state STASH BEE - Hive #1.  They ask the quilters to send a journal about making the quilt for the wounded soldier.  I never do.  I just send a card to thank them and let them know how much I appreciate their service and sacrifice.  If you would like to send a little note, I'd be happy to send it along with mine.  Just seal it up and stick it in with your block. 

FYI - Once I put together the quilts, I then send it along with the backing to a designated long arm quilter that I get assigned to.  They provide the batting and quilt it for free.  They just don't do a meandering design over it, it is gorgeous work.  Once I get them back, I'll post.  I then bind and ask for a destination for the quilt to go to.  My only 2 that I have done, have gone to a hospital Army Base in Germany.  So that is QOV in a nutshell.

Again, I really appreciate your help on these QOV quilts.  If you have any questions, about the star, just email me.

Thanks again! 


Hive #1 - February Pineapple - Jo

First time I've done this - so be gentle with me...

After joining part of the way through the month, I wanted to get stuck in so have "caught" up!

I haven't done a pineapple before - but enjoyed it! Albeit a bit frustrating after whizzing through the first attempt and realising it wasn't quite even - humpfh.

SO a second attempt was done taking more care to square up on each added layer and yay!

I will send you both and see if you can do anything with the first option.

Is anyone doing a copy of each block for themselves? I am - think it will make a rather eclectic quilt at the end!!

Hope you like!

Jo (Twinkle Toes)

Hive #2 block for Miki

Please forgive my lateness in sharing this. I've had a terrible case of brain farts lately. Although, it is leap year so I get an extra day in the month :) Sad part is, its been done for weeks.

(Please ignore the dingy state of my ironing board)

I had recently finished up a quilt top using the Ruby line and had a few pieces left. I just love Bonnie and Camille fabrics.

Once my husband gets home from fishing these lovelies are headed your way!

March Hive #2 Tree Block for Tara

Hello everyone.  For my block this month, I'm asking for tree blocks very similar to Sunni's back in January.  I've been having a very difficult time with morning sickness (all day in my case) lately, and since I haven't been able to sit at my sewing machine to make my own block example, Sunni has graciously allowed me to link back to her tutorial post here.  You can also find other mini tutorials and/or block ideas from the bees who made blocks for January here.

Here's a mosaic of some other favorite tree blocks I've found on flickr.  The HTML code didn't work for me here, so I input by hand the links back to the original photos.  If they're not right, let me know.
1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12

Please use Kona Azure for the background.  I'm hoping that color will create a "sky" background.  I'm open to almost any colors or styles of fabrics for the tree part.  I prefer bright modern prints, but this is a scrappy quilt, so I'm very open.  Feel free to add owls, birds, swings, birdhouses, etc. to the trees, and I'm also happy to have just a tree branch, like one of the pictures in the mosaic, so "tree" can be a loose interpretation.

I do plan to machine quilt this myself in an allover stipple pattern, so I do ask that you try to keep the thickness to a minimum, i.e. no layered yo-yos or thickly gathered material that would be difficult to quilt over.  Thickness from applique is totally fine, of course.

Please make one or two blocks 12.5" square.  I'm happy to trim them to that size if you'd rather not do that yourself, so as long as they're at least 12.5" square or a little larger, then that's great!

Please also include a 5" signature block for me to use on the back of my quilt.  You can choose how to make it as long as it finishes to 5".

I absolutely loved the blocks that everyone made during Sunni's month, and I can't wait to see what you all come up with!  Let me know if there are any questions or if I've left something out.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lime Block for Miki {Hive #2}

Miki - I had a difficult time narrowing my scraps down to a monochromatic palette - but I seemed to have the largest variety of pretty lime prints, I hope you like these!

A little Just Wing It, some Castle Peeps, Ta Dot, and Flights of Fancy all seemed to go well together.  I put a little too much thought into the signature block...only to mess it up!  I  don't know why I put the word "by" on it...I wasn't even thinking!  If you'd like, I can make a new one...

Oh, and I couldn't get the camera to focus on the words because it's getting dark.  I may snap a new photo in the morning and replace this one {or just make another siggy block...}, we'll see!

Hope it is to your liking and it will be on its way to you tomorrow!

Hive #1 - Kristy Lou

I forgot to post it.
Here is the pineapple block I made for Sami.
This was a tricky one.
But A LOT of fun.
I hope you like it Sami!


March - Hive #1

I just finished my paper pieced block.  I took lots of pictures while making it but I don't know how much or little you want me to show.  I'll get them together and try to see if they even make sense.

Here it is:

I make Quilts of Valor quilts and they are donated to wounded soldiers.  I thought it would be great if you all help with a QOV quilt.  I'll use all of the blocks to make 1 or hopefully 2 quilts.  So start rounding up your Kona White (I bought mine from Joann's) and your patriotic blues and reds.  I'll post again on March 1st with the template and directions. 



Monday, February 27, 2012

Hive #3 March Block

Here is my block. Have fun. If you don't have batiks, please use a small pattern or blender that will read as a solid as I have. 
 Here is the template to use. It's too big, so use the inner line on it. Thanks.

Sami's Block

This block was a pain in the butt. End of story.

I'm glad I was introduced to it. Even though I unpicked it about 10 bazillion times, I learned a lot and I can see myself making more of these in the future.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Block for Mikki

Getting ready to mail this out and just realized I forgot to post a photo. I went with the yellows from my scrap stash which was recently given a nice boost by a fellow quilter (Laura) who wanted to get rid of some of her scrap stash. (Pls let me know if there is anyone else who might like to exchange at least a gallon size ziploc bag of scraps since these are great for various projects.)

Photo does not quite do it justice since it seems to highlight the purples. This was one first block for a swap so hope it is ok.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pineapple Block

Did you hear the hallelujah chorus where you are? It was loud and clear here today. Yep... It happened right after I made the final cut of my pineapple block!! lol

Thanks Samantha for requesting this block. I don't think I would have attempted this on my own. It has its problems but for the most part it is pretty square and I am proud of it. In the beginning I didn't think I would ever be able to complete it and then it all started coming together. I'm glad I was able to finish it :)

I hope you like it!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rainbow Blocks for Miki

Hi everyone!!!  After reading Miki's tutorial for what kind of blocks she wanted I held off a few weeks before making my blocks to see which colors were most needed to balance out the rainbow.  After doing a tally I discovered that there were the least number of yellows and reds, so here are my contributions!


Both blocks with the signature block.

Hope you enjoy them Miki!  They went out in the mail today along with Rebeckah's blocks (we're friends so we thought we'd save some postage by mailing our blocks together).

-Stephanie of Sewing By Stephanie

Hive #1 Blocks Recieved so far!

Got two more little squishies in the mail today so I thought I'd post a pic of what I've recieved so far.

Sara, Sunni, Colby, Julie and my blocks.  The ones off to the right are from Colby.  I drew out the idea I have for the odd sized blocks this morning and I am pretty sure I might be a genius... ;)  Okay maybe not, but I do have a bright idea once in a while!

Can you envision it yet?  I can!  I am so excited to get a few more of these in the mail so I can start the putting it all together process.

Pineapple Block

Here is my block and signature block.  I had fun making these and will be mailing them out tomorrow or Thursday.



The fabrics are from Moda and Blank Quilting. 


It was fun to choose fabrics for this block!


And here is my first block that was too big.  I’ll mail it anyway and maybe you can use it on the back.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Pineapple Block for Hive #1

So I finally found time to make this block for Sam, I must admit I had been putting it off a while as I was feeling a little unsure of whether it was in my skill range!

It came out with a homespun type look because of all the scraps I used. I hope you like it Sam, I am afraid black was rather limited in my stash!

I remembered I had a cute bee stamp and thought the signature block just wouldn't be complete without it!

These will be in the post to you this week, be patient though, they are coming from the UK! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not quite a pair!!!

OK so this evenings task has been my pineapple blocks.......  I have really enjoyed this tutorial, and learning how to make these fun pineapple blocks.  However, try as I might I have not been able to get them to be the exact size they are meant to be - so so sorry Sam!

My first attempt is just a smidgen too big..... but I think will sew up OK.

(Ignore the bits that look orange, it's the artifical light, they are all red - just different shades)

But my second attempt turned out all weeny and small (like a second twin that didn't get as much room as the first), I kind of like it for it's cute-ness and 'not so good as the other one-ness' but I don't actually know if you will be able to use it in your quilt.  It's only 9" across.

My signature block.

Anyway..... a parcel of these will be making their way to you next week.

Thanks for an enjoyable evening


Friday, February 17, 2012

Hive 1: Samantha's Pineapple Block

Well this one was a bit of a challenge but not too bad... I think it is really pretty... the block I mean not specifically my block :) I hope you like it Samantha. I shipped it off today.

Hive #1 for Samantha

So last weekend I started on Samantha's pineapple block.  I put on the first row of black and trimmed it like the tutorial and I'm thinking this is going to be easy.  Then I added the first row of red and trimmed it and I quickly changed my mind and realized it was going to be difficult.

On Wednesday, a friend and I went to A Scarlet Thread to see the largest quilt store in Georgia (if you ever get to Georgia, you have got to make a point to go to this is amazing).  Anyway, I brought my sorry looking block with me to see if I could find someone in the store to tell me what I was doing wrong.  A customer came over and showed me that I needed to buy the "pineapple" ruler.  She swore that if I used it, I would have a perfect pineapple block.

I bought it!  I love quilting notions.
So here is my block.  I'm not saying it is perfect but the ruler was a godsend.

I'm happy with it.  I hope you like it Samantha.  I made a sig block as well and it should be in the mail this afternoon. 

Cindy from Spin the Bobbin