Monday, January 5, 2015

Hive 9 January Block

Hello, fellow Stashies! :) I'm Erin from Boondoggle Quilting and I just loved making Toni's modern style quilt block this month! That vibrant yellow & dark gray aren't my usual go-to colors, but they look so good together once I found some pieces in my stash that would work! :)
     I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, so we have quite a few "must see" items locally :) The United States Air Force Academy is here which is one of the four U.S. military academies, so that is interesting to tour and see a little of what cadet life is like. Garden of the Gods, is a National Park with gorgeous red rock formations all throughout - absolutely stunning to drive through or to hike. Rock climbing there is also fun. The formations are so timeless and raw, it feels as though a dinosaur could walk out from behind one at any minute! Then of course, it's just a short drive to Breckenridge, Vail, Aspen and some of the finest skiing/snowboarding in the nation!
     As for food, little local breweries with restaurants are my favorite. Microbreweries abound here and beer tours keep many couples happy for hours in the summertime (or wintertime, for the brave!) Phantom Canyon Brewery is in downtown Colorado Springs and is named after a gorgeous mountain area just south of the city, the real Phantom Canyon. The have a smoked gouda and pale ale soup... oh my gosh, you didn't know soup could be this good! Anyway, come anytime! Our guest room is always open and this place it gorgeous year round :)
Garden of the Gods at Sunrise


Toni said...

I love it! Very modern effect with the yellow fabric. Thank you!

Toni said...

I hit enter too soon! It has been several years since I have been through Colorado Springs. The area is beautiful. Next time I am through there I will have to check out the microbreweries. That smoked gouda and pale ale soup sounds tasty - and would be perfect right now with our Arctic blast that is blowing through!

Unknown said...

So glad you are pleased, Toni! It was so fun to create! :) Can't wait to see the finished product!!

Anonymous said...

I really love that you were thinking outside of the box- really cool block. Also, I lived in Boulder about 23 years ago, and to this day Colorado is by far my favorite place. Southern Utah is a close second- both very far from Georgia! :)