Friday, January 2, 2015

Hive #9 - January Block Tutorial

Happy New Year to all the Hive 9 quilters!  As you know from the Hive Mama introductions last month, I am Toni and will be leading you along the way through 2015.

This year the Queen Bee each month is asking a question of her fellow Hive mates as a way of getting to know each other better.  I am an avid traveler and love to see new and exciting things.  My question: if I were to come and visit you, what local sites and restaurants would you show me; and why?

Now on to the first block of 2015.  I wanted a block that was fun, quick and easy to start the year off.  This Wonky Cross block from Sew Mama Sew was the perfect one!  I have also seen it referred to as a "plus sign" or cross block.  It is a quick, easy block with some creative leeway.   My block is yellow background with a gray cross, but feel free to do the opposite combination as I am looking for variety.  Finished size will be 12" square.

As I wandered the aisles of Quilt Festival in November, I found myself purchasing lots of grays and yellows.  The combination seems very fresh to me, so I have chosen that as my color scheme.  I am looking for bright, strong shades of both colors, so no pastels please. 

Main fabric:  a 12" x 12" square
Contrasting Fabric:  2 strips that are each about 14" long.  Width can vary between 1.5" and 2.5".  (Strips are to be of the same coordinating fabric.)

 Take your 12" square and make an offset vertical cut.  Feel free to vary your angle from what I have used, as variety is the key to this block.

Now take one of the contrasting strips and place it between your two halves of main fabric.  Sew each half to this strip, being careful not to stretch the bias of the main fabric.  Press seams open.

 Place your square back on the cutting mat, making a wonky cut horizontally through the center of your block.  Take the remaining contrast strip and sew between the two halves, aligning the first contrasting strip as much as possible.

After you have sewn your block, square it up to 12" x 12" and you are done!

Note:  I am asking for a 12" square instead of the normal 12.5".  My plans are to make a smaller project this year with my blocks, but I am still unsure of the final measurements.  A 12" square block will give me enough wiggle room to work with. 

I hope that you have a fun time with this block.  If you have any questions regarding construction or fabric choices, please let me know. 


Terri in BC said...

Hi, Toni! I'm not in your Hive but I think I spotted a mistake. I think you meant to have everyone trim the block to 12 1/2" square, so that the finished size is 12".

Toni said...

Terri in BC - I did indeed request a 12" block this month. A little unorthodox, but I have a method to my madness! ;-) I added a note to my tutorial explaining that in the event there are others confused.

Thanks for letting me know so I could make the required edits!