Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hive 4 January Block

Hi, I'm Amanda and this is my first time participating in Stash Bee. I thought I was pretty comfortable with paper piecing and have made all the blocks from the Vintage Quilt Revival book, however, I had some issues with the block. Here is the first one I made.

 When sewing the squares together the lengths didn't quite match up so I thought I had sewed something wrong.

I tried it again and it came out the same. This one did come out as a 14.5 inch square. I plan on sending both to Renae. If anyone has tips let me know, I may try again!

A quilting project that is on my bucket list for this year is to make a quilt using my Quick Curve Ruler. It was demonstrated at a class I took, but I haven't actually used it yet. I like the Metro Rings or Metro Twist patterns and may try one of those.


Renae said...

They look great. Sorry you had problems! The first thing that I thought of was maybe you forgot to double check that the 'fit to page' box was unchecked. That has happened to me before.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

Sometimes I don't trim the outside edges until the parts are pieced. That might help.

Adtski31 said...

Thanks for the tips. I did uncheck the box when printing but I think me cutting the square with the 1/4 inch allowance before piecing may have thrown it off. I saw in your demo that you left excess on the square and then trimmed to the allowance at the end.