Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hive #9 January 2015

Hi everyone, I'm Grace and this is my first time participating in a bee. You can also find me on instagram as chainofdaisies. I'm excited for this year and to see what everyone decides on for their block.
I love the block Toni has chosen for this month, I think I will have to do a bit more of this slash and sew thing.

Toni asked where we would take her if she came for a visit. I live in New Zealand, and personally think that it is beautiful here. There are so many places I had trouble choosing, so I've decided to include a few photos.

 I'd take her to the bird sanctuary on Kapiti Island to see the friendly kakas...
(this is my husband and I when we went there a few years ago)

To have the best burgers ever in many people are wanting to try these burgers you have to line up for a couple of hours...but its still worth it. 
(also to see the beautiful scenery in Queenstown of course)

To Cape Palliser to see the fur seals... 

Up to the Sledge track in Kahuterawa..

and for a walk by the Whanganui river...
and so many more places.... You should definitely start planning your trip here.

Headed to the post office now to mail your block!

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