Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hive #1-Alison's Block!

Hi!  I'm Jennifer, the struggling end of Hive #1 I believe.  I guess that I love the look of flying geese but have avoided actually ever making them.  This block was quite the education!  Add to that, I'm a pediatric ER nurse and you may have's flu and RSV season.  No rest for the weary!

For my first attempt there are no pictures, just a bunch of crumpled up dead geese.  My second attempt has the pink center.  I think that I wasn't as precise as I should have been when making the geese, making the points and seams almost impossible to meet up.  I'm sending it along, just in case Alison has some idea for block rehab.

My final attempt used the "measure seventeen times, cut once approach" since I was quickly running out of my chosen fabrics.  It has the light blue center.

Of course even photographing these posed a challenge at my house.  Meet Knuckles the Corgi and photobomber.

As for quilting disaster, I have many.  I'm a bad pattern follower, tending to do the math and write my own.  This leads to many creative solutions.  But nothing tops the quilt that recently was a multiphase disaster.  It was a quilt I'd pieced very early in my quilting career.  Seams are wonky, pressed wrong.  I recently decided to go ahead and finish it.  While quilting it, the cat decided to "christen" it, where I learned that the red fabric ran.  Needless to say, it didn't work as a Christmas gift!

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