About Stash Bee

What is Stash Bee?

 Stash Bee is an annual modern, international, online quilting bee.  It runs for 11 months (January-November) on multiple platforms including facebook, instagram and on this blog.

How it Works:

Participants are divided into several hives, each containing 11 Hive Mates.  Hives are grouped by design preference and skill. Each of the 11 members acts as “Queen Bee” for one month. Before their month arrives, the Queen is responsible for testing a block and creating a tutorial post on the Stash Bee blog.
All hive members create blocks from their own fabric stash and are not required to buy a specific fabric to complete the block. Hive mates make and then mail the requested block to the Queen Bee by the end of the month.

Important Links

If you are new to Stash Bee, be sure to read the following links for more information about the roles and expectations for participants:

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