Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 2015 Hive 8 ... Here we go!

I began today with the intention of making this months block happen!!!
From the fabric pull...
to my finished block...
My work here is done :)
All in all this was a very fun block. However, I had a confused brain when I attempted to begin this block. What I figured out is the center blocks are 2.5 inches and the outer blocks are 3.5 inches. Why oh why do simple things get us so confuddled?!?!
Once I got the mechanics of the thing under control I had fun mixing it up with the navy blues. Some of my pulls were in, others were left out. I'm happy with my finish and would totally recommend this block!!
Now, onto the months question... Colors!
My favorite color is purple... in any shade! but blue is so close to my favorite it's almost tied for first place!
That being said, the color of the year, Marsala, is not in my fav group but I do like it. Honesty here, I did have to google it because I really had never heard of it. That being said, I can also report that I do not own anything in this color... But, you can bet this weeks pay check that my next trip to my LQS will begin with whatcha got in this color of the year I've been hearing about!!

I'm excited to see what you, my fellow hive mates, make of yours :) this promises to be a super cool quilt! 

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