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February Block - Hive #3 - Stash Bee 2015

Hi from Arizona!  Normally I would feel uncomfortable knowing we had gorgeous weather while others are suffering through cold, but this weekend was SO DIFFERENT!  Those of you watching the Golf or Super Bowl activities will know that it has been miserable!  But the sun came out today, Sunday for all the big games!

Yes, I enjoy the nice weather most of the year but I love the cold!  I lived in Cleveland for three years and we are skiers, so that means my family has never gone on warm weather vacations/holiday!
You can find my complete bio on last years STASH BEE 2014 Hive 5 page - My 2014 Bio

This was last years' block..LOVE::

My social media stuff is:  fabrications2B on IG, on facebook and I keep a monthly updated blog (strictly show and tell) at


So what's for 2015?  Think we are going go easy:


I'm thinking something similar to Modern Handcraft "between the lines" but more improv-ish and
.without the text prints.

or this on Pintrest: Kansas Quilt  But look at the individual columns I like the randomness.

I hope the quilt looks a little like "Between the Lines"  but without the dark/light/dark/light repetitive nature.

Here's another inspirational picture:

The quilt will be replacing a nasty, promotional, ugly, meant-for-a-football game fleece for this sofa.  (No, I am NOT showing it to you! It's THAT gross)

Here's another inspiration picture for color choice:


Brown, Dark Beige, Tan, Mushroom, etc.   For a little funkiness, you can add apiece of eggplant - but NOT Purple, If you think it's purple and not eggplant, you can just leave it out. And just one strip of that eggplant in the mix please.

If you can keep the patterns to modern, perhaps nothing with white in the design and go as close to solid as you can., that would be great.  And no flowers please (unless modern and subtle), no civil war, novelties or texts.  I know, texts are in, but somehow I just haven't really gotten into them.  I'm a contemporary person for the most part.  Thanks!


Cut pieces at least 16.5" (I used 18" because I had a few fat quarters)  X   1" -  3".
That's it.  Not sure how many strips because it's up to you ( see below).

Add the colors randomly, but add only one eggplant - two maybe if it's skinny ( 1").  I would like the eggplant to be only a random accent

When attatching the strips, try and not make them too straight.  Here area few pictures that show my process.  It's pretty "free-ing' one you get the hang of it if you have never "improv'd" before!

Prep some strips:


Keep going until you have something like this:


Oh, and size.  If you could make them at least 16.5", that would be great.   If you want to make the "block" longer,  then great... go ahead. Once you start the process, sometimes you loose track of when to stop! I'll be adding them all together in one long strip piece.  You'll just know when you are done.  Have fun on the design wall first - you will find it's easier to make changes or add some funkiness that way!  You can make a pieced strip from clippings/scraps, too.


Optional.  You could just keep the messy block as is and let me play when I receive them!

If you feel like sending some additional spare strips of what you have used, I can take those and mix them randomly between everyone else's blocks for more continuity :D

If you have questions, please let me know.  This style can be alot of fun or very challenging.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch!


My turn for the "question of the month"-----So what do we want to know about each other?  Hmm..

Tell me 5 notions you CANNOT live without!  And then 5 foods you CANNOT live without!

Which group is more important????!!!  LOL

Have a great day!!  And have fun with this improv!

(By the way - I think I have changed this post and my block choice at least 10 times!!!)

Happy February!!! <3


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