Sunday, February 8, 2015

February block for Bonnie

Hi ladies!! Can you even believe it is February?!?! Last year was such a blur and this year is shaping up to be the same!! What exciting and fun filled lives we all lead 👍

Well, here it is!!! I must say, this is going to be a superb quilt! These colors are oh so ever romantic in my humble opinion!

I had fun picking these for sure 😍 the tutorial was simple as well. At first look I was a bit confused by the piecing but looking over the "how to" things came together nicely!!

Like always I'm so excited to see how this block fits in with all the others.
And this block will be in the mail by Wednesday this week.
This months question:  Bonnie wanted to know why I decided to do stash bee this year.
Well, I did stash bee last year for the first time and just love my finished quilt!! In fact I'm under it right now! And I just love showing it off and telling people about all the places my blocks traveled from. So this year I'm planning on making a second quilt but this one will be a surprise gift for my mom... Shshsh don't tell 😉 she too will love the variety in fabrics and locations that will make up her very special quilt.

Until next month,

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