Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hive 8; Great Block!!!

Bonnie said it would take longer to choose the fabric than to sew the block - she was so right!!!
I hope she likes this block!
Our question is, why did we sign up for StashBee?  This is my second year.  I like short easy projects; I make baby and lap quilts (my largest ever was 62" square, for my 6' 2" tall brother).  I try to make a quilt a month, so a block for StashBee is easy to do each month.  I enjoyed the new blocks I made last year.  I was November last year so I asked for a very easy block - 16" square of strips .  I cut them on the diagonals and reasembled them.  Below is my ready-to-quilt-top from last year.  One disappointment from last year was the few finished quilts that were posted.  I hope to see more this year!


Granny Maud's Girl said...

What a fun quilt top from last year!

Willa said...