Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Block for Sara - Hive 1

Hi Ladies,

I am excited to have you all make blocks for me this month.  I'm Sara Nixon, I can be found on instagram and flickr as supersara20.  I live in a suburb just south of Austin, TX.  I work in the city as a case manager for adults with major mental illness.  It's a tough job but I enjoy it (most days!)  I have a house with my husband that is ruled by our chocolate lab Millie Jean. Now on to the block!

 We'll be adding blocks to this project and I am hoping that we'll finish it!

We will be making this block:

We will use this tutorial which makes one 6" star, each quilt square is made of four of these: though I ask that you make the center of each star out of a single piece of fabric which will measure 3.5" If you want to use a different technique I don't mind as long as the stars end up being 6.5" each and the overall block will be 12.5".

I ask that when you make it you use the following colors: Lime green, white, black and raspberry/red-purple:

For each block you will need two of each color for a total of 8 different fabrics. You'll use one of each for background and the star ie, each color will be one star and one background. (I hope that makes sense!)  I'm trying to limit the colors to just the four colors so please if possible use only tone on tone fabrics or fabrics that have prints that feature only the four colors (see pictures above, one of the green stars has strawberries but those berries are in the red-purple tone and other stars have white or black prints so they work!) Sorry that this is so specific but I've found that overly detailed instructions lead to blocks that are exactly what is wanted!

If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask or to email me!

This months question will be:  What was your most memorable vacation and why?  Mine was when my mother, aunt, cousin, sister and a friend rented a mini van and drove to Prince Edward Island.  Everything that could go wrong did but it was the best vacation because we made the best of it and ended up having so many laughs that we always talk about that trip each time we're all together even now!

Thank you all!

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