Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hive 7 Block for Cyndi

Cyndi requested a block she called "Woven Strings" blocks, with bright strings pieced into a 9" white square.  I didn't have any solid white fabric, so I bought some Kona Snow.  (I later realized that Cyndi had offered to send people white fabric if they didn't have any - but that's okay!  This way I saved her some postage.)  I have plenty of bright fabrics!  That was easy.  Most of what I pulled were scraps, plus a little of a Kona solid in some shade of teal (I'm not sure which one) and a purple print from my Aunt D's stash.

Cyndi's instructions were really easy to follow.  I was nervous about piecing such narrow strips on curves, and I thought it would take me forever, but it went pretty quickly.  I had a much easier time pressing my seams toward the dark than pressing them open on January's block!  Here's my finished block and I think it's really cute.  I hope Cyndi likes it!

Cyndi asked us where we could live if we could move right now.  Given that right now it's about 10 degrees outside (and it feels like it's below zero), my first instinct is somewhere warm!  Actually, I like the area where I live, but I'd rather live out in the suburbs where I could have more space.  (I have no room for all my quilting stuff!)

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Jodi said...

Rozsamaria, it's so pretty! I was recently in a hive of six and we each made two blocks each time, which made for a small lap size quilt. They're fun! Where do you live? I like where I live, too, in Rhode Island, but it was 3 degrees this morning, and walking into work, about 1/8 mile, was brutal today!