Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February Block for Sara

It was fun to complete this block for you.  Hope you enjoy it! I loved seeing the quilt it will be added to and think it will be stunning! There are so many fun fabrics in that one.

As for your question, my most memorable trip was with my mom and sisters to England.  We went to visit the place my mom had lived for two years while doing service for our church.  On the plane ride there, incidentally, my sister-in-law took an Ambien.  She promptly snuggled up to the man next to her and slept on his shoulder for the next eight hours with her arms wrapped around his arm.  He just looked at my other sister and shrugged like, "What's a guy to do?" Hilarious!  That kicked off a fun time that just got funnier as the week went on.

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