Friday, February 20, 2015

February Block, Hive#1

desparate times call for desparate measures - I can't find my camera at the moment, I'm starting to think I forgot during a training weekend ... so I searched the interweb, there had to be a way to get pictures off my admittedly now rather old (going on 6 years) mobile phone ... and I was right - the quality could be better, so let's just pretend I did take the picture in the evening, or on a rainy day (the sun is shining and warming my back while I type):

saw-tooth stars block

The question of the month: What was your most memorable vacation and why?

Now after thinking very hard  when the last time was that I actually went on vacation and did not spent term breaks working (for the money or the family) - I'm coming up with a trip to Amsterdam shortly before Christmas (in a year long gone by). Amsterdam of course is a great city, but the jounrey home was the most memorable part - and why? because it was snowing and apparently it never really snows that bad in the Netherlands. So bringing a friend to train station to catch the train to the ariport come the bad news - there are currently no trains leaving in direction of Germany, but there might be one leaving from Rotterdam, so back I ran get my stuff and get on a train to Rotterdam. From there in it was a "passangers to Germany please take the next train leaving on platform X" in the train stations and a "passengers to Germany please leave the train in the next station" ... very memorable - and yes I did get home in time


Karisma said...

What a great block! I myself have a hard time matching up the flying geese to the main square but yours is lovely! =) The colors are wonderful too! And don't worry - the picture that you used is wonderful! =) It shows your block very clear. Happy Sewing Genevieve!

Leo said...

It all comes down to the much hated trimming. If you are unsure you can sew the flying geese to the precision necessary, just make them a tad bigger and trim them down. I mean you have to trim them anyway ...