Friday, February 6, 2015

Hive 7 -- February Block for Cyndi

Greetings to all from a very cold Northeast Ohio!!  This was the western sky yesterday morning at sunrise as I headed out to fill my birdfeeders?!  It confused me at first until I realized it was the moon setting, not the sun rising!?!
I started my studio time yesterday by cutting the starter squares and skinny strips for Cyndi's blocks.
My first slashes were very flat arcs -- then I got bolder and cut a curvier slash -- that wasn't as easy to stitch in the strip.  So I went back to a shallower curve. 
The blocks went together quickly and I'm interested to see how Cyndi puts all of them together!
They'll be off in the morning's mail along with the extra strips. 
Where would I like to live?  Hard question for a woman who hasn't left her hometown yet!!
But whenever I'm in the country . . . . isn't that the beginning of a sentence from Jane Austen?
My mother's people still live in the rural area of central Ohio and I often think when I'm visiting family that if I were to do something different in my life, I would live in the country next to a ravine and a woods where I could wander every day to see what is going on in a wild place. 
Mary Huey

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