Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hive 6: Block for February 2015

This month's block was a nine patch for Samantha  She is going to take the blocks we've sent her and then turn them into disappearing nine patches.  I really liked the color palette Samantha selected: lime green, navy blue, royal blue, gray, and white.  The mix of lime green and gray was my fave combo of the month.  I definitely want to use that combo in the next quilt I make.

I live in Boston which has been hammered by several blizzards.  Being snow crazy led to me making  three nine patches.  All the snow also meant I took the pics inside under fluorescent lights so the colors are off.

Here are all three blocks together 

And here they are individually.  I had a great time playing with arrangements of the colors and values.  I was going to pick a favorite fabric but honestly I like them all.  I was happy to get in two variations on polka dots and use Lizzy House's "pearl bracelets."

My biggest goal for the year is finishing.  I have a quilt that just needs to be bound, two sandwiches in need of quilting, a partially pieced quilt top and a stack of "Fancy Fox" blocks in progress.  My plan to accomplish this is by heading to my local sewing studio every week for at least three hours of dedicated sewing time (my sewing studio is Gather Here in Cambridge, MA).

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