Saturday, February 28, 2015

Current Girlfriend gets "String-ed" Along

I had a good time sewing this string block.  Cyndi's tutorial was well presented and fun to follow. I love the modern, crisp look of this block and can imagine different impressions with color changes. Here is my block. I look forward to seeing the others.

Cyndi and her spouse are moving soon to a spot that sounds ideal for both of them. Her question to us was,  " Where would you live if you could move right now? Why?" My sister Pam is my best friend and is also a dedicated quilter. We dream about sharing a duplex with a common sewing studio or adjoining studios. We like the climate and quilting community of central Oregon area, Bend/Sisters. We have more fun together than should be legally allowed. We talk on the phone every Sunday morning and miss each other like crazy! One drawback to the plan is that there isn't much cooperation from our spouses, and so it is a long range plan.  Right now she lives in Seattle, and I live about 400 miles away in Central Idaho, Riggins. Fortunately, Pam and I get together for quilt retreats and sister shenanigans every spring, and she will be here in 50 days (but who is counting?) 

Jane and Pam last spring, boarding the ferry to Port Gamble for a Gwen Marston class.

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