Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hive 4: February's Block for Kathy

Hello! I am excited to be sharing my finished February Block with you all today. 

I love the color combo Kathy requested, and immediately thought of two specific pieces in my stash. I've had that script fabric for a while and actually just rediscovered it when cleaning out my fabric storage. The mustard floral was leftover from a skirt-gone-wrong project. (I'm glad to be able to put it to good use this time.)

In fact, I love this combo so much that I'm considering working it into to a couple of my own projects. Though, as I mentioned last month, I've got to bulk up my stash in the navy department. 

Also, as a note to anyone in hive 4 still waiting to sew their blocks: I misread the directions and sewed this block in more of a log cabin order as opposed to row by row. You can sort of see it clearer in the finished photo below. Even so, the block finished beautifully, and I don't believe the order impacted the overall design. That being said, I cannot wait to see Kathy's finished quilt. 

In her tutorial post, Kathy asked what's our favorite way to design. I would not say that I design quilts very often - I usually work from someone else's main pattern, altering only the color ways or sizes. But, on the rare occasion that I do design my own pattern, I tend to use Quiltography on my iPad or plain ole graph paper. 


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