Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hive #5 - February Block

Hi everyone!  My name is Kim and I've been quilting for about 1.5 years now and blog over at Ties That Bind Quilting (although I am super behind on posting at the moment).  This is my second year participating in Stash Bee.  I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA with my husband of 4.5 years and our lab mix, Khloe.  We are all extremely excited (and busy) around here because we are currently expecting our first child - a little girl due in mid-June!

Block and Color Scheme:

Here is my block choice for this month - colorful string blocks with a 1/2" (finished) solid white stripe down the middle!  I'd like four 8.5" quadrants that, if sewn together, would give me a 16.5" (unfinished) block.  Please leave the quadrants separate though so I can shuffle the layout around.

I'm planning to use this quilt in our little girl's new nursery so I would like the blocks to fit within the color scheme we've chosen to go with.  I wanted something that was definitely girly but wasn't just pink everywhere.  I also took some photos of my fabric pull to hopefully give you a good feel for the look I'm going for.


Tutorial and Inspiration Quilts:

I've seen both of these quilts floating around the blogging world and I've had them both pinned at Pinterest for a while.  I just love how the addition of the thin white line down the middle of each block adds so much interest and crispness to a basic string quilt!

The white stripe just sets it off perfectly - could be a good Bee block!

In reading more from the makers of both of these quilts, I realized that they both made use of the same tutorial for Paper Pieced String Quilt Blocks that was put together by Film in the Fridge.  I found her tutorial to be really easy to follow but just thought I'd add a couple of quick notes for my block requests.

  • You'll need four 8.5 inch squares of paper to use for the foundation.  Basic paper (at least here in the US) is already 8.5 inches wide so just cut off the extra length to make it a square and you're good to go!
  • Don't forget to shorten your stitch length when sewing to the paper foundation so it will be easier to tear off the paper.  Please mail the blocks to me with the paper still attached though.
  • For each 8.5 inch quadrant, you'll need a solid white strip for the center measuring 1" wide by at least 13" long.  I drew a line down the center of this strip that I could then align with the corners of the paper so I knew it was centered down the diagonal.
  • Please try to use 4-6 colored strings of varied widths on either side of the white center strip (try to avoid solids for the colorful strings if you can).
  • Please leave the 4 quadrants separate so that I can shuffle all the blocks around and play with the layout once I receive everyone's.

Ice Breaker Question:

My question of all of you is this: What is your biggest "bucket list" quilt?  What is that one quilt that you absolutely must make one day but haven't gotten to yet?

For me, I want to tackle a modern drunkard's path quilt one day.  

Drunkards Path
Credits (Left to right): Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3
I think solids in particular really show off the pattern well. I also just feel like learning to sew curves is something that, as a quilter, I need to tackle at some point.

I can't wait to see what you guys put together!  And please let me know if you have any questions!



Great block I love it.. I have all my blocks sewn in long strips now, just need to get those together and I used the same tutorial.. I love this block. I may have trouble getting "melon' color.. could you give me some designer names, check moda or kona or some big designer so I can check local stores..


Mailed your block and congrats ! it was lovely and fun to make.

aggiegirlaz said...

Hi Kim! My photo isn't uploading into the blog post for some reason!?! It's going in the mail in the morning. So sorry for being a couple days late!