Friday, February 13, 2015

Hive #1-February Blocks

I'm starting to think that I'm going to have to make every block twice...or maybe I should stay away from flocks of Flying Geese.  I hope I've got the color scheme right--please let me know if there are any you don't care for.

(Eeek!  Pictures show things that the eye doesn't see...I'll be remaking at least one of these, perhaps two!)

As for my most memorable vacation, our most recent "big trip" was a family trip to Australia.  My brother is on assignment in Melbourne, so we spent 2.5 weeks traveling around.  I will say, it is a LONG time to spend together (Mom, Dad, Bro, Husband, Me, Kiddo)!  I'm crossing my fingers that this year we will be headed to Italy (via England) for the honeymoon we neglected to take 10 years ago.


Whynottryitagain: movies, quilts, making said...

I actually like the combination of the four. I appreciate the variety. How will you join them?

supersara20 said...

These look great but can you add in some black if you're remaking any of them?