Thursday, February 26, 2015

My February block - Hive 2

Wow did I have the most difficult time with this block. It was completely unlike me to mess up so many poor butterflies (5!) when I have used this method so many times before. In the end it took a nice blizzard and some comfy warm fuzzy socks to get me to relax and get some beautiful butterflies done. I love my blocks so much, I hope Mrs. Jo loves them too!!

(oh, i always make 2 blocks. Why? because there are 11 of us, and 11 blocks dont make a quilt... :D )

Block 1:

Block 2:

Im in love with how that purple one turned out!!!

Oh, for the question: Who would I have for dinner? GASP Id have to clean!! But who would i have seriously if i could have anyone... hmm... Really, the first person would be my grandmother, I miss her so much and she was a quilter and before I started she died. The others, lets see... someone gorgeous to look at .... Johnny Depp... and someone funny... Terry Pratchett... and last one... Gosh this is hard.... I dont remember her name, but id invite the one person who believed in me and gave me the umph to go further in life... my 3rd grade teacher from Moab.

Thats it... I am excited and ready for March!


Granny Maud's Girl said...

Nice work on the blocks, especially the butterfly print. I am making two in my hive for the same reasons.
I love your dinner guest thought processes!

Twinkle Toes said...

Love them! Thank you sooooo much!