Thursday, February 26, 2015

hive 3 february block for Bonnie

well, this was a bit of a challenge for me, because I don't own very many solids, and I have never been one to buy too many brown-ish or tan fabrics! I did manage to find some that seemed to fit what Bonnie wanted, though, and here's what I came up with:

It ended up at about 18X18, so I didn't trim it to give you the option of how you wanted to do that. I really hope you like it despite my limited fabric options! I will be taking it to the post office this afternoon :)
As far as the questions go, here are five notions I can't live without:
1. my little curved edge scissors
2. thimbles
3. buttons
4. perle cotton thread
5. my small ironing board that sits next to my sewing machine (not sure if this counts as a notion, but I included it because it keeps me from having to get up and down so much. at six months pregnant, this is becoming VERY important!)
and food:
1. root beer floats
2. cinnamon toast crunch
3. big big salads
4. mashed potatoes and gravy
5. grapefruit
6. chicken pot pie with homemade noodles
7. potato pancakes
8. ben and jerry's
            oops! I guess I couldn't stop at just five!
as a pregnant lady, I have to say the food wins out as most important! that may change after june :)
thanks for reading :)

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