Friday, February 6, 2015

Finished Firewheel Hive 3 2014 Quilt -- By Alison

This quilt has actually been finished for a few weeks, but unlike some quilts, as soon as it was finished it has taken up residence on the couch as a new cuddle quilt.

These blocks came from participating in the Stash Bee in 2014. I chose a block called "Firewheel" from the Quilter's Cache and modified the pattern a bit to use fast flying geese and stitch and flip corners. My original tutorial is here on the Stash Bee blog.

Click here for some of the in-progress posts! I seriously did NOT do a good job of chronicling this one! SO SAD!

Here's the lovely finish!

I actually brought the quilt with me to work today and took pictures before I even went in the building so that I wouldn't forget! I finally got some good picture taking light!

This quilt was quilted with a "puffy cloud" pantograph and I bound it with the same yellow fabric that I used for the cornerstones.

I am so in love with all of the different shades of yellow and grey in this quilt! One of the blocks has a flower for a center (you can see it along the left side in this picture -- I just love it! Some of the blocks are scrappy and some of them are more controlled and they all play so nicely together!

The backing is a multi-grey scribbly circle print. I have zero idea what it is called (my mom picked it out for me!) but I am very glad that I didn't end up going any darker for the backing either.

And of course, MAJOR SHOUTOUTS to all of the lovely ladies that made this quilt happen:

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MegsAnn said...

What a cheerful quilt! I love how these blocks play together. It's wonderful to have a quilt that's immediately in use too. :)