Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hive 9: Shauna's Block for Meghan

I can't believe that February is almost gone, but thankfully I'm finished my blocks for this month and they will be in the mail today. I had fun with these blocks, but not so much the first ones I did. I sent Meghan an email asking which of my fabrics she liked best and she picked out a couple of combos. I then made blocks and set them aside while I did other things. I kept looking at them and something seemed wrong and I couldn't put my finger on it. The I realized that I had assembled them wrong, and when I went to take them apart, I tore one and the second one wouldn't lay flat.  So I just re-cut them and these blocks went together much easier and look better.

Now for the question Meghan asked. Which quilt that I have made holds the most meaning for me? This is hard for me. I love the quilts I've made, but they don't hold any great meaning, they were just fabrics and patterns I liked. But I did make a quilt last year that was special to me. It was the first quilt that I made as a gift. It was a baby quilt that I made for a dear friend.

The quilt is special for a couple of reasons. First I was able to give something to a friend that she totally loved. But even more I was able to add a little touch to the label. The label on the quilt looks a little odd, and it is because it is small scraps of shirts that the baby's daddy used to wear. He died suddenly just weeks after the baby was conceived. It felt good to give both my friend and her baby something that will always be special.

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